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Returned from Hell

Returned from Hell

History knows many cases where people fall in extreme situations which seemingly chance of survival is being zero, however, defeating the threat, these people say they have "returned from Hell."

Today we will tell you about two such cases.

In the year of 1891 during the whaling near the Falkland Islands, from the ship "Star 1" six fishermen were rescued. One of the rescuees was fatally struck by a whales tail, and the eighth of a young sailor, James Barth, disappeared. Sailors still managed to kill the whale and then got back on board the ship.

Returned from Hell

A few hours later they noticed that the belly of the whale made strange convulsive movements. They cut his stomach and froze in shock: in the stomach lay James. The body temperature of the whale is so high that the sailor lost consciousness. After surviving in the stomach of the whale, James Barth lived five more years and then died.

Several years after World War II in the small Polish town Valim residents complained of hearing deafening roars of automatic bearings beneath the ground. Local authorities investigated the issue and determined that the dungeons in the city during World War II was drafted for Hitler.

The entrance to the underground cave was blasted, while inside survived four soldiers, who for two years were trying to attract people above the ground by firing shots. Finally, out of the four only one survived.