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Palmistry - Meaning of the Girdle of Venus


In palmistry, the girdle of Venus (or the ring of Venus) is a broken or unbroken semi circle, which bulges out between the middle and ring fingers and whose ends are by the pinky and index finger.

It is connected with intellect and the ability to manipulate. It is a sign of a violent temperament and fury, and when it is unbroken, it most often points toward a tendency for hysteria and faintness.

Those who have the girdle of Venus have the ability to do the things they love with great enthusiasm but have spiritual ups and downs.

Whenever the girdle of Venus reaches the other side of the hand and comes into contact with the line of marriage, happiness in life at home will depend on the peculiarities of the temperament. These types of people are eccentric and difficult to live with. If dealing with the hand of a man, he would like for the woman to have as many virtues as there are stars in the universe.

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