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Palmistry - Meaning of the Line of Life


The line of life is the most important and discussed line in palmistry. It is situated from the edge of the palm under the thumb and curves like a rainbow toward the wrist.

It is thought that this line reflects the viability and energy of a person, their physical health and general well-being.

- A perfect line, without any breaks or unevenness, assures good health and exceptionally long life.

- An imperfect line, composed of short segments, having the look of a chain or branching out lines, is a sign of bad health.

- Whenever the line advances down from the Mount of Jupiter, this indicates an ambitious life.

- The line of life that is connected to the line of reasoning is a good sign, showing caution and mindfulness.

- All lines, beginning from the line of life and moving toward the Mount of Jupiter reveal that the ambitions of the person are realized or will be realized. A line which starts from the line of life and reaches the Mount of Saturn expresses a golden period in life. A line which extends from the line of life to the Mount of the Sun indicates fame and success, due to the way of life the person lives, and not because of outer circumstances or chance.

- Lines, which stretch in the opposite direction and cross the line of life show worry and obstacles.

- Whenever the lines of life, reasoning and the heart are interconnected in the beginning, this is an awfully unfavorable sign, illustrating that the person has a bad temperament and may put himself in danger during relationships with others.

- The distance between the lines of life and the line of reasoning demonstrates that the person can easily achieve their goals in life and has loads of energy and belief in their own abilities.

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