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At Devil`s Bath you Can Smell Hell Itself

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Devil`s Bath

Devil's Bath is a place shrouded in intriguing legends but it is one not everyone can visit, for the stink it produces will take you to Hell itself. And that is the origin of the lake's name - Devil's Bath.

The lake is one of New Zealand's most spectacular attractions.

It's located near the thermal hot springs known as Wai-O-Tapu, not far from Rotorua, which is famed for its healing waters.

Devil`s Bath Lake

Unlike them, however, Devil's Bath is more likely to make you sick than cure your ills. A strong stench of rotten eggs wafts from the water, one that not everyone is able to stand.

Additionally, the water isn't your typical blue color, it's a yellow-green, while those who have been to it are categorical that Hades itself must look and smell exactly like it does.

The peculiarity of Devil's Bath is due to the high content of sulfur in the water. It is this high concentration that is responsible for the unpleasant smell.

The lake isn't particularly large and is surrounded by numerous similar pools, the result of geothermal activity in the region. They stand out with their eye-catching color and various fascinating legends about how they came to be.

They are said to have been created by Satan himself, while according to science they formed due to subterranean volcanic processes, in the early stages of which Devil's Bath was even more menacing to gaze upon.