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Palmistry - Meaning of the Line of Health

Line of Health

The line of health is also known as the line of the liver and is one of the secondary lines of the hand, often ignored in palmistry. It starts from the Mount of Mercury and runs down the palm. As hinted by the name, it is an indicator of health and general physical state.

- The smaller the line of health, the better. Whenever it is fully missing, the body is stronger.

- The deeper the line, the worse the nervous system of the person is. Whenever it is twisted and uneven, it is a sign of trouble regarding the gallbladder, liver and kidneys.

- A deep line of health, which extends from the line of the heart to the line of reasoning and is colored red, points toward danger of a stroke and ailment of the brain.

- A line of health, which crosses the palm and intersects the line of life at some point, reveals a fragile and weak body.

- A line of health, composed of short, straight segments indicates problems with digestion.

- A line of health that is essentially composed of small clumps with long tree-like branches is symbolic of problems with the lungs and chest.

- If it commences from the line of the heart at the Mount of Mercury and crosses the line of life, this foreshadows weakness of the heart. If it is wide and very pale of color, this means poor blood circulation. If it is red with small offshoots, this is an indication of heart problems.

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