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Palmistry - Meaning of the Line of Mars


The line of Mars has great significance in palmistry. The lines of Mars begin from the low areas of Mars or from the start of the line of life and continue on toward the Mount of Venus. After thorough studies, palmists agree that there can be one or more than one line of Mars. The meaning of the line of Mars depends on the form and structure of it on the hand of a given person. It can be thick or thin.

Palmists classify the lines of Mars into 2 extensive categories. The first type of line, which begins from the line of life, can be called an assistant to the line of life; sometimes this line continues parallel to the line of life until its very end. The second type of line is that which does not continue along with the line of life but goes directly toward the Mount of Venus.

The first types of lines of Mars predict marvelous things according to palmistry. People who have these types of lines are geniuses and vastly intelligent. They are gifted with special abilities of thinking and understanding. As well, such people are disciplined and blessed with the quality of wisdom. They are very consistent and have a strong belief in themselves. As a result, whatever decision they make in life, they stick to it till the end. You can count on these types of people, they are remarkably social.

Since these types of folk heartily believe in themselves, they strive to achieve their goal in life. Often, they are successful and do not quit until they have accomplished their objective. They possess a powerful physique and imposing character but despite that, are not aggressive by nature.

Those who have the second type of line of Mars are careless in their life. They are annoying by nature. Extremely arrogant, they are capable of anything when enraged. Besides that, they love being in the company of those who are lower grade than they.

Sometimes, some lines diverge from the lines of Mars and drift further up. They reveal that the person is taking exceptional measures to achieve their dream. If these lines intersect with the line of fate, this is something superb according to palmistry. If these lines touch the line of the heart, then that person is extraordinarily sensitive and sentimental.

The opposite happens when the lines of Mars continue on and cut across the line of fate or the line of success. In such cases, the person sees more than their fair share of obstacles and hardship in life. If these lines are only in contact with the line of fate, the person is considered to have no luck. These folk often encounter obstacles and hurdles when moving up in life. If these lines of Mars touch the line of marriage, their family life is miserable.

If the line of Mars is unbroken, bold and double, this person is surely a criminal or even a murderer. But if it is not double, then they are in a position to achieve a high rank in the military.

The lines of Mars are of great significance when determining fate, even though they are labeled as secondary lines of the hand. An experienced palm reader always pays great attention to them when looking at the hand of a person.

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