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Scientists Created a Model of Hell

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Scientists managed to recreate the appearance of Hell on Earth in a laboratory setting.

Scientists believe, that this place, which no one has ever shown concrete evidence of, is located in the Earth's core. The core is a mystical subject, which has baffled chemists and physicists for centuries.

Way to Hell

Recently, a group of prominent experts, led by Douglas Dalton, attempted to examine the heat flows at depths from 373 to 1802 miles (600 to 2900 km) in Earth's mantle.

The scientists discovered that the lower mantle is under pressure, equal to anywhere from 230 000 to 1 300 000 times that of underwater pressure at various depths.

According to scientists' hypotheses, the temperature in Earth's core is in the range from 2730°F (1500 °C) to 6690°F (3700 °C). The experts have reached the conclusion that the description of the core completely coincides with that of the description of Hell.

Earth Core

Since there is currently no technology which allows for man to reach the heart of the Earth, scientists decided to create a model, based on their theories on the appearance of Hell.

They have recreated the igneous processes by taking magnesium oxide - one of the main components of magma, which creates the hellish conditions in the bowels of the Earth. The experts hope that through the study of the processes, which take place in the mantle and core, they will be able to predict the development of our planet.

A traditional view of Hell comes from the Old Testament. According to it, right after death, the bodiless souls of unrepentant sinners go down into Hell to endure punishment for their sins in life in everlasting flame.

This notion claims that Hell is an immense underground kingdom, ruled by the Devil. There, sinners are tortured by demons until the Last Judgment.

The punishments match the type of crime - deceivers are hung by their tongues, the mouths of perjurers are filled with fire, sloths lie in fiery beds, adulterers are tortured with snakes, passing through their bodies and so on.