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Silence against insomniaSilence against insomnia
12 Dec.
It happens to some when feeling torment and frustration as one never ceases to talk to someone. In this case, you can record your thoughts on tape. Thus, having conspired, you will have a better sleep....
What your Dreams about Food RevealWhat your Dreams about Food Reveal
08 May
Brown bread, in contrast, is a sign of poverty, scarcity, frustration....
See What`s Coming if you Dream of CloudsSee What`s Coming if you Dream of Clouds
19 Sept.
Even if at the moment everything in your life seems calm, something is going to go wrong soon and cause you a ton of frustration. - Small white clouds in a dream shouldn't worry you....
How to overcome stressHow to overcome stress
22 Jan.
Gripping and crushing of such objects, which are an alternative to soft rubber figurines, helps to overcome fears, frustrations and other negative emotions....
Year of the Snake for TaurusYear of the Snake for Taurus
26 Nov.
Do not allow your frustration to grow unnecessarily, try to avoid it, especially at the end of the year....
What Will Happen to you if you Dream of a Rainbow?What Will Happen to you if you Dream of a Rainbow?
29 Sept.
- If you dream of a rainbow very close to your head, the dream portends of troubles and frustration....
The Most Important Symbols in our DreamsThe Most Important Symbols in our Dreams
18 Jan.
An empty box represents frustration within....
What do Dreams about School Signify?What do Dreams about School Signify?
30 June
Here's what dream interpreters have to say on the issue: - If your school days are long gone and you dream of yourself once again in a classroom, this means that you're going to face some insignificant frustrations....
Settling your Karmic debtSettling your Karmic debt
13 Aug.
In the energy or emotional debt, your life will regularly have situations that trigger rage and frustration....
Think You`re Cursed? Find out Right at HomeThink You`re Cursed? Find out Right at Home
27 Oct.
It could have befallen you while you were standing in a long line at the store out of frustration or be the result of an argument with the family or with friends....
The Most Common NightmaresThe Most Common Nightmares
07 Aug.
As well, nightmares of this sort reveal the fear of the unknown, and sometimes even the frustration due to an illness we're suffering....
Dreamt of Snow? Here`s What to ExpectDreamt of Snow? Here`s What to Expect
20 Oct.
- If you dream that you're playing with snowballs, you're going to have slight frustrations. It's possible that someone drags you into drama....
Childhood nightmaresChildhood nightmares
04 May
Do not let your frustration, which often happens, to prevail, leave an impression with the child that will make one understand. In difficult moments it is important to feel your loved....
A few things you don't know about dreamsA few things you don't know about dreams
10 Dec.
People also tend to dream of certain topics that are related to school situations, kidnappings, slow running or running on the spot, sexual experiences, frustration, late for meeting someone who is alive, dead but dreaming...
Your Horoscope for Today – June 28Your Horoscope for Today – June 28
28 June
But by keeping quiet, you're only going to accumulate frustration within yourself that you won't be able to keep hidden for long. Try to avoid huge conflicts because they won't bring you anything positive....