Karmic lessons

Karmic lessons

The lessons which the individual soul comes to earth for, are strictly individual and universal, for all fall into a development phase and start to gain experience.

We keep seeing ourselves with specific persons, whether you play the role of their lover, enemy, friend, or soul mate, is a manifestation of the need to develop a type of qualities in the face of teir character and is always related to our destiny.

Karmic lessons

There are no chance encounters. They are just random if they do not occur. How much a person will have an impact on our lives depends on whether they will be spending more time with us. Sometimes the lessons are not easy and we face real challenges, bringing to the surface a variety of strong emotions such as vibrations, which are our enemies.

They have exceptional modeling, by the way we perceive them, for our future karma. If we fail to put up with what we have done or, worse, begin to take revenge, then metaphorically speaking, we add an archive of entries on our error list, which then returns in the form of a life that we should try to completely correct. If we were enemies, we would not have such a strong impetus to develop skills together. Many of the negative feelings we would have need to be known, understood and controlled.

Karmic lessons, manifested as diseases also have a sharp and strong impact on how we develop our knowledge in life. A disease is a path in the opposite direction, but through that we reach our goals. Simultaneously, it is a deviation from normality and harmony, but also an opportunity to move back towards these. During the trip, called the experience of illness, one has to reinvent themselves and develop strengths. These are will, faith, trust in others and compassion.

How strongly, if we were not hurt, would we call in our hearts to God for some healing and comfort? What if we never felt what it was like being torn apart by many issues, fear for the future and timid hopes being put in place of another soul in oscillations of similar emotions? The disease comes as a punishment for evil done to others. When a person gets to endure suffering in their body, they had previously caused this to another. So what the soul did is let you feel the pain and the other person had and thus the debt is paid.

Karmic lessons can be attached to sufferings that are relevant to our emotional nature altogether. It is possible, through several reincarnations, that a soul does not feel confident in themselves, can not emancipate itself in the range of roles that are assigned to its family

The lesson there is to be strong, show independence and to achieve everything. You may be facing difficulties, lack of cooperation and apathy among your relatives, being confronted with people who often pass the buck their word and leave you all alone in hard times. They are not as bad as they seem at first glance. They can be likened to a parent who leaves their son to ride alone for a moment, despite the exclamations and frustration of the child that it has not yet learned how. Perhaps the soul is responsible to learn what constitutes independence and expression of character, being willing to search for any known way to achieve something through the actions and abilities of others. They will be uncertain and fearful. If this soul is often reincarnated as a woman, which further prevents the manifestation of leadership and independence, then it in the next life, or in a series of lives, she will be born as a man.

Correcting your attitude towards money is one of the most difficult tasks which need to be done, because our entire existence is related to materiality, if only because of the simple fact that we have a physical body in all incarnations. Money is a bargaining chip technique, which serves their needs for food and shelter. If you always use it as intended, and you consider the needs of others, then you will not add on karma, which shows that we have a problem in integrating the issue of greed and sharing.

At the level of human development now, however, it is shown how many people do not acquire a lesson in making money and its proper management. If we have neglected others for a long time and were stingy and calculative, seen resolute to provide a good life for ourselves and our kin at all costs, then you will be shown what it is like to have worse financial opportunities in your next life. We would then live modestly, even poorly, and will often encounter misunderstanding and contempt when we ask for help.

Even the fact that we are born into a poor country with fewer social programs and poor conditions for the development of financial well-being is a significant sign that we are learning a lesson associated with a lack of money. To get around such karma more easily, or the possibility of this happening in another life, you must allocate a tenth of your wealth to other. Help people in trouble who can not cover their basic needs. It is possible that because of their difficult situation, they may have no money because of their abuse in the past, but by helping them, we teach not only ourselves, but them too. Common example are poor people who have not learned to give, they are strongly influenced and touched by a gesture of sympathy, this changes them so that they also become more generous and learn an appropriate lesson about giving and sharing, which was not mastered in the past.

The feeling of being known, is also karmic lesson. People who are famous should be well aware of their responsibility that by their status, they can guide a mass of people to a particular aim. Fame is given to proclaim an important discoveries, thoughts and the ideas of others, it should always be used to help more people.

Nowadays there are many celebrities, who are no way role models, but given their popularity, they may follow a real cause and thus also exhibit a positive charge and have a karmic lesson. Abuse of fame can lead the soul to high self-esteem and a sense of superiority. Then we can expect the next life to be one in which you feel undeservedly neglected and disregarded.