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What your Dreams about Food Reveal


Eating is a vitally important process and takes up a significant portion of our lives. After eating at least 2-3 times a day, it's normal for food to, at some point, start appearing in our dreams.

But what is its role in them and how do we interpret certain common food products in our dream experiences?

If you see yourself consuming tasty meat in your dream you have cause to be joyous. This element portends that you'll manage to defeat your enemies or competitors.

If the meat is raw or tastes bad, be cautious. This is a sign predicting clashes, conflicts, disappointments and embitterment. The same applies to meat that's torn to pieces.

If feta cheese appears in your dream, you have to again analyze its taste and appearance. A delicious and inviting feta cheese speaks of upcoming happy moments, good health, well-being. But if it's moldy and unpleasant, you're going to have problems.

The occurrence of cakes in your dream also has its interpretations. Usually they're linked to an influx of energy, romantic emotions, entertainment, flirting, sensualism, creative actions.


If you dream of chocolate, you're soon going to learn a happy piece of news. If you dream of ice cream, you're going to resolve difficult problems and rid yourself of a great burden.

If you're eating strawberries in a dream, your love woes are at an end. Finally, someone with special feelings toward you is going to enter your life.

If you're eating an apple in your dream, you're going to enjoy passionate relations. This same dream could also predict cheating on your part.

If you dream of white bread, expect abundance. Brown bread, in contrast, is a sign of poverty, scarcity, frustration.