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Childhood nightmares

Childhood nightmares

If during the day children are faced with many problems, it also becomes apart of the night. Generally when we are worried, we test fear or survival of a stressful situation, Often sharing similar troubles with someone seems to lighten us up a little. However for young children who have not yet developed the ability to express their emotions might have nightmares of something dreadful.

With the development of their abilities to save a number of incidents from everyday life and their imagination, children are rich in emotions and their dreams saturated with color. Some scientists believe that dreaming takes place even in the womb, albeit at a very elementary level, and the peak of dreams reaches about the 6th year of the child. Also, bad dreams are more frequent visitors to the children than their parents.

A child may experience shouting or crying during the night, however you may not see any visible signs as to why and therefore can assume something in the child's dream has worried them.

The dream is a reflection of reality, highly exaggerated by intervention of the imagination. Most of the fears associated with everyday life are designed in dreams and the child will not rest. This may be due to a change in scenery, a new baby sitter, parting with a loved one and even watching too much T.V or watching something that is unsuitable for the child.

To find out who is to blame for the frequent nightmares we need to talk a little about ones fears and fantasies. Over time one will learn to express and to tell the terrible dreams, and you will easily be able to calm the child by linking images and topics with reality.


Do not let your frustration, which often happens, to prevail, leave an impression with the child that will make one understand. In difficult moments it is important to feel your loved. This will help one to gain more confidence in oneself and overcome concerns. It's nice to show the child that troubles are temporary and do not give too much attention to bad emotions.

Tell the child about your child nightmares and fears. If it is fear of the dark or the closet, which one believes there is a hidden monster, just go with the child in the dark room and make sure you use small simple words to show that there are no monsters in the closet and stand alone to show one there is nothing to be scared of.

Nightmares weaken the immune protection

Doctors have found that nightmares usually occur during the first two hours of sleep. In such cases one begins to breathe faster.

If nightmares are frequent, you can get medical help because this could signal the presence of a disease in the body. Many cases are known where people often dream that they sink in the snow or cold water, and subsequently are found to have problems with circulation in the extremities.

Sleep disturbances and violent nightmares occur with the onset of menopause in women, as well as an incidental factor in various neurological diseases. For parents it is good to bear in mind that children often have nightmares because of some physical or sexual violence.

On the other hand, frequent nightmares and sleep disturbance than unpleasant thoughts the next day can cause weakening of the immune defense and even let us bring the serious diseases of the heart.

According to the ancient Chinese in order to prevent a startled sleep it is good to sleep mostly on the left side. The reason is that the energy of the sun during the day is collected on the right side of the body. So when it turns to night the energy released through our left side is believed to be solar energy which aids our sleep to be more relaxed.

According to the ancient Bulgarian belief one does not sleep in a strange bed on a Friday, because otherwise one will suffer a nightmare.

In the fight against common nightmares aromatherapy can help so, before you sleep take a hot bath, and scatter a few drops of lavender oil or rose.


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