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Here`s What the Month of September has Prepared for you


The month of September is going to offer us opportunities for growth but they will require a lot of work. 3 planets are going to be traveling through the territory of the sign of Virgo, which means that it's time we roll up our sleeves and start working on what we've only dreamt of so far.

During the 1st 5 days of the month, Mercury is going to be retrograde but after September 5, we're going to have numerous opportunities for getting out of our shell and fighting for what we want.

The full moon is in Pisces this month, encouraging us to use creativity in our undertakings, while the new moon is in Virgo, allowing us to perfect ourselves through hard work.

At the end of the month, Venus will be joining Virgo, allowing us to feel better at the workplace and creating a stronger bond with our coworkers.

Aries - Make a schedule and work hard on your tasks

At the beginning of the month, you're going to be able to have more fun but after the first week of September you're going to have to bring more order to your tasks and daily routine. You can't avoid work any longer, you're going to have to come up with a schedule to follow until the end of September if you wish to see any progress toward your dreams. Devote yourself to work - you'll see that it's not simply backbreaking labor but a pastime that provides you genuine satisfaction.

Taurus - Have fun with everything you do

This month you're going to be able to realize your past goals and easier than before at that. Rely on creative forms of expression and no matter what you have planned, make sure that it's artistic enough and that you have fun while working on it. After the 1st week of September, you'll be able to more clearly see the facts around yourself and to clear up your priorities. This is a time to celebrate and be proud of yourself but don't forget to treat your loved ones for every little success you experience.

Gemini - Be open in terms of your ideas

Frustrations and confusions will begin to dissipate during September and you're going to be clearer about what you need to be doing. Share your ideas openly and discuss them with others without fear of being misunderstood. You may even grow closer to your family by starting a new home-related project. At the end of September you'll be able to enjoy huge professional successes and you'll see that your hard work was worth the wait.

Cancer - You can improve your financial state

From the very beginning of the month, you're going to have opportunities open for you, enabling you to improve your financial state. All doors that had been closed thus far will open and you'll realize that even your greatest disappointments had been hiding potential for progress. This is the time to put your plans in action without fear and the cash flow won't be long in coming. At the end of September focus more on your own self-esteem and utilize the problems you find as a way to self improve.

Leo - Show your strong side to others

Use this month for personal enrichment, in order to truly feel like a king among those around you. You can now look at everything that's happened from a new perspective and understand it in depth. You'll be able to realize that all events were necessary in order to push you to express the strong side of your character and to make you more confident in the future. Wave the flag of truth because it'll make you feel proud and show everyone that you will not be easily broken.

Virgo - Start the projects you've been dreaming of

Take up the more creative tasks this month, the various artistic forms of which will reflect your greatest values. You'll be at the peak of your strength and for this reason you need to begin projects which you had been lacking the courage for thus far. Take steps forward and be confident in yourself because your decisions will lead you to great successes. At the end of the month, you'll be able to part with past limitations and prejudices which had been stopping your momentum.

Libra - You'll realize your potential through acquaintances

From the very beginning of the month, you're going to begin reaping benefits from the new contacts and friendships you've created. Those around you will stimulate you to actions with which to realize your potential and talents, so do not turn down any invitations for social events. Your charisma and magnetism will shine best in a group and will help you conquer new heights. But toward the month's end, you may close yourself off and more jealously guard your personal space.

Scorpio - Work toward career progress

This is the time to realize your greatest professional ambitions and act with fervor. Work hard on your ideas and put your career first because right now you have the opportunity to discover true recognition and for your work to bring you satisfaction. Toward the end of September you may feel the urge to express yourself more creatively - through music, drawing, writing or dance. In this way you can show others that you harbor more than 1 talent.

Sagittarius - An opportunity arises for new adventures

Throughout this month, you'll be able to bring in more adventure to your life. You're going to have plenty of opportunities for getting out of your comfort zone and exploring new places or people, as long as you're motivated and bold enough. Toward month's end, you'll be able to start a new project with which to reveal your hidden talents in front of an audience. Others' opinions shouldn't bother you, quite the contrary - let them drive you to become even better.

Capricorn - Rely on your communication skills

Communication with others is going to be your greatest strength this month, so do not ignore the opportunities for meeting new people. Now is the time to take up a leadership position, while relying on your communication or writing skills. All you need to do is be bold enough to openly announce your views and defend them. This is the right time to finish old projects or renegotiate past agreements, in order to reap more benefits from them.

Aquarius - Work as part of a team

It's time to be more creative and primarily take up tasks that you can put your heart and soul into. Strive to work on your projects only with a team and seek a person who would support you and bring you back down to earth when you get carried away in your fantasies and start dreaming of a better world. Besides personal satisfaction from your work, this month you may also make a bunch of money, as long as you consider the opinions of those around you and listen to their advice.

Pisces - Make a plan and discuss the problems

This month is going to be marked by the sign of radical changes and you're going to actually start realizing everything which you've only been planning and contemplating until now. So be ready with premade plans and a list of tasks, don't expect your ideas to work themselves out. Seek dialogue with those around you and don't be afraid to discuss and analyze the problems in detail because that's the only way to resolve them. You may feel emotionally exhausted toward month's end but your efforts will have been beneficial to you.