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The Most Common Nightmares

Plamena M.Plamena M.

Every one of us has had nightmares. A new study shows that in fact many of them are similar in the majority of people. They can simply be the result of our subconscious and have no logical explanation but in a lot of cases they have a specific meaning and interpretation. Here are the most common nightmares:

Being naked - to dream of being naked in front of people is quite stressful. Such dreams usually occur in individuals suffering from problems with self-assessment and low self-esteem.

Natural disasters - if you have a nightmare about horrifying and unnerving natural disasters catching up to you, you are most likely suffering a fear of something coming up in the near future - a test, interview and others. Dreams of this sort can also be an indication of anger that has accumulated in the dreamer. On the other hand, you might have simply watched one too many movies.

Teeth falling out - such nightmares reveal a hidden insecurity in the dreamer. They often worry about their appearance and especially others' evaluation of them.

Physical injuries - if you dream that you're injured you are most likely suffering from emotional instability. If you dream of being beaten, having your bones broken, being shot at or simply getting slapped, it is your brain signalling that you're feeling a weakness in a certain aspect of life. Find the root cause and go on with your life.

Being chased - occurs most frequently in children, i.e. being chased by monsters. In adults it indicates some sort of phobia. Nightmares of this type happen as a result of unfounded guilt that we're feeling.


Falling - if you dream that you're falling it shows that you are unable to control yourself. This may be caused by different kinds of problems - financial, sexual and professional. If the fall is life-threatening, this speaks loud and clear that you are unable to control a certain aspect or specific situation in your life. Nightmares like this are typical for people in high positions, who feel that they are incapable of controlling everything.

A break-up with a partner or cheating - such nightmares reveal the fear of loneliness and being dumped. Usually they are provoked by a feeling of unsteadiness in the relationship, particularly if the dreamer feels they are not good enough for their partner.

Meeting with the dead - such encounters can be extremely frightening. They bespeak of our unwillingness to let something go. As well, nightmares of this sort reveal the fear of the unknown, and sometimes even the frustration due to an illness we're suffering.

Missing an important event - Missing an important moment such as an exam, date, wedding and others can be highly stressful, even in our dreams. These are common in people with hectic daily routines. They are a clear indicator of how afraid you are of failing or being late for something important that's to come.