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Settling your Karmic debt

Settling your Karmic debt

Everyone has karmic debt accumulated in previous lives, which they have to atone for- these are the beliefs of people who believe in the existence of karma and the reincarnation of souls.

Karmic debt is accumulated when a person has violated the balance of life. They recover from the universe, but that recovery is at the expense of the offender’s balance.

People accumulate karmic debt in this life by making mistakes for which they pay. For example, if you do not create harmonious relations with your partner, the relationship falls apart very quickly. If you do not make full use of your talent at work, many business problems arise. Everything that happens to a person to create more trouble in this life does so to force you to restore harmony and thus pay off your debt.

One has three levels of karmic debt - physical, energy and information. Depending on what level of debt, there are different ways to pay it.

For physical or material karmic debt, one has serious physical problems in this life, things at home are constantly broken.

In the energy or emotional debt, your life will regularly have situations that trigger rage and frustration.

Information debt is manifested in the fact that you are always aware that you are alone, even with people around you.

One way to redeem the debt, if material, is to distribute alms to beggars and poor people. This should be done for seven days. You must specify the amount that will pass through these seven days and each day go with that amount in hand. Meet a poor man or beggar, give him money, and say, "You need it more." After the seventh day, you will look at many things in a new way. Will find new ways of making money.

In the energy or emotional debt, you can watch movies with a soothing effect on you and listen to music for one week. You will no longer be experiencing irritation and anger in certain situations, and will pass by lightly.

Fighting inner loneliness, debt accumulated for information is fixed by loneliness. This is a controversial condition, which, however, provides results.

For one week, no less than an hour should be spent in a cafe or restaurant or any place where people go to spend their leisure time pleasantly. But at your table only you must sit. After a week, you will no longer experience the feeling that you are all alone in this world. You have offset much of your karmic debt. Then life will point you in the right direction and you will discover how to cover the rest of your debt.