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Find out your Daily Horoscope for October 6


Today is going to be a productive day if you keep a few things in mind. Use the sunlit hours of the day for your more pressing tasks.

Try to finish all important negotiations, romantic dates and purchases by the afternoon hours because then you'll find yourself beset by impatience and will be quick voice your irritation.

For this reason, it's best to drive extra carefully in the hours between 8 pm and 10 pm, as well as to avoid working with dangerous tools.

Today we have the Moon still in Aries. Our passions have not yet diminished. In the next few hours, be more careful about who you aim your sympathies at and refrain from flirting at the workplace.

Even if one of your coworkers flatters you with beautiful gifts and compliments, don't give in to the temptation of starting a relationship with that person because mixing business with pleasure won't lead to anything good.


Try to be more restrained today and don't try to impose your opinion on others at all costs. Even if you think that they're making horrible mistakes, now is not the time to get involved in their life. If you do, prepare to be attacked and reprimanded. Surely that's not the result you're looking for with your behavior.


Chances are high that today you're going to waste time and effort on individuals who don't deserve your attention. It's possible that the people in question will first come to you with a desperate plea for help and once you do what is asked of you after great exertion, they'll throw you away like a used Kleenex, perhaps without even a single thanks.


It's going to be difficult for you to communicate with others around you today. When they ask something of you, you'll constantly be putting requirements of some kind in order to do it and seeking personal gain. Further, you're going to be exceptionally curious and will be trying to withdraw information that does not concern you directly at all. At the end of the day, someone is going to stop putting up with your arrogant behavior and is going to try to teach you a valuable lesson.


You're going to be very confused and hesitant today. On the one hand you're going to have the wishes of your loved ones, which you feel like obligations, while on the other you have your own dreams, which bring you feelings of guilt in front of others. The stars advise you to finally stop caring about what others think and to do what you want, not what you have to. Otherwise you're never going to know true happiness.


Leos are going to be communicating with interesting individuals and meeting new people all day long. It's possible that among their new acquaintances they come across persons who would change their life in one way or another. They may even form valuable business partnerships, and why not romantic ones too?


Today, representatives of Virgo are going to be nervous, explosive and unpredictable. All of the little flaws of the people around them, which they had so far managed to ignore, are going to permeate and irritate them frantically. By day's end, Virgos will have probably had altercations at their workplace and when they get home in the evening, they're going to take out all of their accumulated frustration on their loved ones.


Somewhat forgotten sinful passions are going to once again wash over Libras and complicate things. But the situation is going to be most dire for non-single representatives of the zodiac sign, who are going to be ready to end their current relationship and get into a fling with no prospect. If they don't wise up in time, they really could lose the respect of those closest to them.


Be extremely cautious today when dealing with information. It's possible that you'll misread something or overlook a fact, resulting in serious problems. Be particularly cautious if you're about to start taking new medications and are just now looking over the drug insert. Also be wary if you're having to work with a new machine for the first time.


Those of you who are normally up in the clouds somewhere will need to come back down to earth today and look the truth in the eyes. You're hardly going to achieve much today with nothing but huge dreams and autosuggestion. Rather, you have to take life in your own hands and take specific actions. Otherwise, you'll be left with nothing but beautiful dreams.


Call up your friends and loved ones today and have some fun. If you don't feel like going to social events for whatever reason, plan a get-together at home and invite the people whom you haven't had time to see in the past few days. Organize a cozy little evening with them over a cup of tea or wine and have a nice time.


Don't rush to judge others if they express an opinion that doesn't match yours on various issues. Instead of being irritated and trying to impose your own life views, try to understand others' point of view and to look at the world from a different angle. Perhaps, when you do, you'll change your own opinion on many issues.


Today the stars advise you to recall the existence of the word "no" and to use it more often. Don't agree to things just because you don't want to disappoint others or to have them like you. You have the full right to an opinion and the more clearly you express it, the earlier others will learn to respect it.