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What Does the Horoscope Have in Store for you for Fall 2016?


During the first half of fall 2016, the planets will be active in the signs of Libra and Scorpio, giving us the opportunity to forge solid relationships on a deep level. Toward the end of the season, we may be given more opportunities for more adventures.

Aries - Difficulties in your love life

This fall you're going to have the opportunity to improve your financial state but only if you work together with partners. You can expect better earnings from joint investments. A period of confusion may set in on the love front, since the viewpoints of you and your partner will diverge. At the beginning of November, you'll be able to restore the balance, while singles will have the best chances of meeting a kindred spirit. Expect many pleasant moments with friends at the end of fall.

Taurus - You have to make important decisions

During the first half of fall, you're going to enjoy excellent harmony in your love and professional life. If you've recently begun a new relationship, you're going to have the opportunity to deepen your relations in the next few months. As the season progresses, you're going to have to make important decisions on your own. This could make you more irritable but try not to take out your frustration on loved ones.

Gemini - A chance for professional growth

The new season will be perfect for your professional realization and the events that are to happen will provoke you to get your plans for career growth moving. Even if you feel more tired than usual, don't miss the opportunities that fate is giving you. Even though the month will begin in a more monotonous fashion, as the days go by your daily routine will be filled with plenty of surprises, especially in the love aspect.


Cancer - Frequent travels ahead

Fall will bring you heaps of opportunities for travel and you're advised to take advantage of them. By traveling and exploring the unknown you may come up with a great many new ideas, with which to realize your big dreams. Pay more attention to your family and closest friends toward the end of the season. Try to understand their problems and help them any way you can.

Leo - Prosperous months lie ahead

The coming months will be very successful for you if you follow your natural instinct for action and risk. Let your boldness run free this fall and you'll achieve what you've been aiming for. You can count on your energy and motivation to lead you in the right direction. This is no time to seek peace and stability because successes for you will come with more adventurism.

Virgo- Difficult months lie ahead

Fall for you will be a period of highs and lows. Even if you plan everything in detail and work hard, the circumstances will be dubious and just when you find yourself at the end of a project it may turn out that your efforts had been in vain. Events are outside your control, so don't get upset, instead try to learn from whatever's happening. The days of chaos will pass and you will have learned valuable lessons.

Libra - You're going to meet with friends frequently

Fall will be a time for hanging out with friends more often and for a positive mood. In the coming months you'll be frequently invited over to parties and to hang out. This will provide you the opportunity to once again see people you are unable to due to professional or personal obligations. A slightly more tense period is coming toward the end of the season, one having to do with difficulties at work. The problems are likely small ones and there's no need to panic.


Scorpio - You're going to have financial hardships

This fall isn't going to be one of the most pleasant seasons for you - you're going to have to face serious hardships in the financial aspect. You have to control your spending better since there's a huge danger of you not having enough money. Don't be too prideful, instead ask those closest to you for help, if you can't handle the situation. During the next few months, you can count on the support of parents and friends.

Sagittarius - Expect peaceful months to come

The fall months will be peaceful for you, as you're going to perfectly balance your personal and professional life. Follow your premade schedule and don't give in to the temptation to laze around more than you work, so your bosses' anger doesn't catch up to you. At the end of the season you're going to have more opportunities for travel and relaxation.

Capricorn - Your plans will fall through

The new season will have you facing tremendous hardships that will be a real test of your character. It's possible that many of your intentions don't go according to plan and you find yourself having to deal with new conditions for which you were not prepared. Don't take your anger out on others. Despite the disappointment, try to handle the situation the way it is. Starting November you'll be able to give in to a well-deserved break.

Aquarius - You need to be positive


There won't be any shortage of hurdles this fall but if you retain your inborn optimism you'll be able to handle them without too much effort. Don't blame others for the difficulties, instead try to mobilize and deal with the challenges together. Expect exciting moments on the love front during the 2nd half of the season that will take your mind off of work problems.

Pisces - You're going to work more

You have an enormous amount of work waiting for you in the professional aspect this fall. You're going to have to deal with several problems simultaneously and overlook your loved ones due to work responsibilities. The 2nd half of the season will bring you more pleasant moments, related to friends and coworkers. You may meet a lot of people who share your interests and with whom you enjoy talking.