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Silence against insomnia


Ancient East uses a very effective means of insomnia, regardless of its cause. And this is silence.

Try not to talk to relatives or acquaintances for 24 hours. If you work, limit your contacts to a minimum. But for this purpose better choose a day on which you are at home. If you remain silent throughout the day, you will relax your emotions, which have some control over your nervous system. As a result you will sleep peacefully. Refraining from speaking accumulates more internal energy in man, and he now has the strength to cope with some of his problems.


It happens to some when feeling torment and frustration as one never ceases to talk to someone. In this case, you can record your thoughts on tape. Thus, having conspired, you will have a better sleep.

If you are conversational in nature, try to be restrained and not to enter into conversation with people in one day. Initially, this task may seem difficult, but more efforts will soon illustrate the positive results.

The habit of constantly talking about something that one does not want to talk about would be harmful not only to sleep but for oneself. People's opinions about you comes from what you do and what you mean.

The less we speak of useless and unnecessary things, the more significant and severe will be your words, and you yourselves in the eyes of others.

There is no coincidence in the saying: "The word is silver but silence is gold."