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Aquarius Woman and Aquarius Man Love Compatibility

Love compatibility

Whenever 2 Aquarians fall in love's embrace, it is the beginning of a connection with many unknowns. They would sense strong feelings of friendship and will respect each other's independence but there will be a lack of warmth and passion in their relationship, since both are reserved and emotionally distant in their behavior.

The Aquarius man is an intellectual type of person, demonstrating friendliness toward everyone, who has a social and serene nature. He never has serious problems with his friends, in truth, he makes new friends throughout his entire life, no matter their social status, their age and nationality.

A favorite pastime of his is to delve deep under the surface of the character of the other person, in order to find out what's hiding beneath their mask. In his view, every person must be lifted from their sophisticated psychological mindset and be more interesting than what they show in front of others.

The Aquarius man never pursues any kind of social prestige and values his own independence and freedom above all else. In a love relationship, he is a very chatty and nonconfrontational partner, who values and understands his beloved, but hates being snooped on, followed and being taken for granted.


The Aquarius woman is a strong and independent lady, who can take on life quite well and has a knack for just about everything, but is a bit confused and distracted when it comes to reality and its harsh facts. She follows a different road, one which always circumvents a direct hit with all that is deformed, ugly, frustrating and despairing in life, preferring to give in to her dreams, rather than the people around her and her relationships.

Her consciousness floats among her mental creations, where she spends a lot of time and which others hardly suspect, for they do not have her boundless and complex imagination. She hears, sees and senses things which are undetectable to others.

The Aquarius woman goes through life appearing detached, never too emotionally attached to something but is definitely a fully engaged social personality. She is dedicated and loyal in her love life, But her partner must give her the freedom that she seeks from time to time and not attempt to fully bind her to him.

The female representative of the Aquarius zodiac sign may not have too many friends but she gets along so well with the friends of her sweetheart, that they seem more like people from her own group of friends, causing her partner to always feel good and marvel at these qualities of hers. Both are able to communicate and harmonize with the acquaintances of the other and are in their element among all kinds of social circles, showing a natural curiosity and charm toward new people.

Perhaps sometimes this captivates them so much that they lose the curiosity for each other. She may prefer to keep holding on to her goals, which may differ from those of the Aquarius man. Both may have difficulties expressing themselves and sharing what's going on in their personal lives, which may cause issues in their relationship and bring them to the forefront. However, cheating is not a part of their way of life.


The Aquarius male can be a wonderful friend, as well as a good lover to his dear of the same sign, but sometimes acts indeed a lot more like a friend, than one who is in love. The more they get to know each other's qualities in everyday life, the better they build a foundation for a long-lasting relationship of mutual support. He is not only a helpful friend, who will support his favorite Aquarius but also have the necessary traits to actually do this.

The most delightful moments between them happen when he pleasantly surprises her and then her love and dedication can clearly be seen. Usually they create a peaceful and stable relationship. Both find it extremely comfortable to live with the status of "just friends" and truly do not see that they must go further than this. Often, this spell of friendship is the reason for many Aquarius couples not to marry.

Whenever 2 people that make friends easily, such as the male and female Aquarius, begin to feel more intimate love, this creates an explosive ecstasy in their relations. The magic of their accordance and almost identical interests is so powerful that it makes their love deeper and their friendship more fulfilling. With the passage of time, he becomes ever more responsible, while she becomes ever more stable emotionally.

They usually come together in the pursuit of the same goals, which they achieve with ease, feeling happy that they are doing something jointly. Just as spring brings us the hope of new life, so too does their love blossom and portend of new discoveries about the other person and cause even deeper feelings. The male and female Aquarius, who are completely dedicated to each other never feel bored and do not need anyone else because deep within they are as twin-souls and understand what the other needs most.

Aquarius couple

The sexual compatibility between the pair of them becomes even more potent and harmonious after they have fully revealed themselves to the other person. They automatically know almost all the little sexual secrets of their partner and reach physical satisfaction relatively quickly. The passion in their feelings comes with great delay but when it does, it is perfectly natural, as if it were always present, and strangely hypnotizes both of them.

He will critically assess her body, its aesthetic quality, its beauty and seduction. Despite that boredom usually arises sooner between them, since they don't have many differences and possess almost the same qualities, they enjoy a compelling physical connection, which they see as almost perfect. Besides the sexual aspect to their relationship, both can understand that there is still something that can excite them in the other person on an emotional and spiritual level.

Aquarians tend to complain about everything and about all they see as not right in the world around us and expect some sort of immediate change, as long as it doesn't require for them to change. Neither of them are able to make compromises while defending their individuality and place their needs above all. The Aquarius woman must try to be loyal and a good wife to her sweetheart of the same sign, while he must be able to turn into something much more than simply a husband and man, who takes care of her.

With small compromises on both sides, however, these complex moments between the 2 of them can be overcome. Whenever no conflicts arise between the pair, they can focus on one common goal and work toward reaching it. If, on the other hand, they get into a fight, they can seclude themselves while working on their own projects and activities until the tension passes.