Clean up Your House to Clear Bad EnergiesClean up Your House to Clear Bad Energies
30 Apr.
Then bathe because while you cleaned your home from negative energy, it has accumulated on you. It is best to take a bath with cold water, it washes away all the negatives....
Chestnuts Shield us from Negative EnergyChestnuts Shield us from Negative Energy
16 Oct.
Simeonova asserts that the electromagnetic field around us has a negative effect, making us more short-tempered, irritable and anxious. "Place 3 of them in front of your computer monitor....
Removing Evil Forces from your HomeRemoving Evil Forces from your Home
04 Nov.
Certain energies flow throughout the home. In order to neutralize the negative ones, you must clean the entrance hall, since they congregate there. In it, place a vase with a wide top....
Flowers in the Home Protect from CursesFlowers in the Home Protect from Curses
26 Sept.
But plants in the home aren't just a beautiful escape from reality, they're much more....
Feng Shui: How the turtle protects the home from problemsFeng Shui: How the turtle protects the home from problems
08 Jan.
To protect your home from problems, put a turtle figurine next to your computer or on your shelves, feng shui experts advise....
Love Divination at HomeLove Divination at Home
08 Sept.
If you too are among the people suffering from misfortune in love, don't rush to despair....
Still not really clear why we sleepStill not really clear why we sleep
22 Jan.
According to the allegations of U.S. experts in sleep and, supported by their colleagues from around the world, one thing is certain: mammals die without sleep....
Attract Money to your Home and Office with a Three Legged Money Frog!Attract Money to your Home and Office with a Three Legged Money Frog!
15 Mar.
The Three Legged Frog is quite a famous symbol and one of the most revered in Chinese teachings. The best place for it in the home is the southeastern part....
Sleep clears the brainSleep clears the brain
02 Feb.
Lack of sleep favors the accumulation of proteins in the nerve synapses, or points of connection between the neurons which, are important for the passage of information between the nerve cells, according to a survey of...
How to Bless Our HomeHow to Bless Our Home
07 Aug.
Blessing a home is a type of consecration, carried out as a celebration for a new home. It is also done after the accumulation of negative energy, such as a death or disease in the home....
Proven! Negative Thoughts Can Kill usProven! Negative Thoughts Can Kill us
28 Aug.
Negative thoughts can not only make us sick mentally, but physically as well, announces New Scientist magazine....
Mirrors Attract Money to your HomeMirrors Attract Money to your Home
14 Aug.
Always keep the mirrors in your home perfectly clean. After a family argument, always wash all of your mirrors, in order to erase all troubles and bitterness from them....
Feng Shui for home and officeFeng Shui for home and office
27 Mar.
(Broom and bells) If you find that your home is in a building under negative influences, they are hardly going to be defeated....
Gingerroot Attracts Money to the HomeGingerroot Attracts Money to the Home
25 Feb.
If you think that Feng Shui is only for fans of the East, you can try to attract money and happiness in the home with special rituals....
The Crystals That Ward off Negative EnergyThe Crystals That Ward off Negative Energy
26 June
If you'd like to block the negative energy and enjoy more positive emotions at home, get one of the crystals listed below....