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Chestnuts Shield us from Negative Energy

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Chestnuts, which can be seen all around us in the fall season, can have an effect on the energetic vibration by recharging and relaxing the body. Chestnuts also help for getting better sleep.

The chestnut tree is considered a magical tree, its leaves resembling a human palm and always connected with the mysterious. It is believed that dreams experienced underneath a chestnut tree are prophetic.

In the past, Babylonian priests would have the sick person sleep for 3 nights under a bloomed chestnut tree and only then would they chant their spells for healing.

According to the ecologist Katya Simeonova, a handful of Chestnuts in our pants' pocket can reduce the harmful influence of cell phones and other wireless devices by 40%.

Simeonova asserts that the electromagnetic field around us has a negative effect, making us more short-tempered, irritable and anxious.

"Place 3 of them in front of your computer monitor. You will notice them shrink much faster than normal. This is because they filter the damaging electromagnetic radiation. And it is found everywhere - from your microwave to your refrigerator and hairdryer, " stated Simeonova.

Bunch of Chestnuts

Ancient tribes would put chestnuts in their yurts, since they believed in their magical abilities.

The folk healer Peter Dimkov also believes that the chestnut has the ability to fuel the body with energy. Just 2-3 wild chestnuts that we carry with us can act as a natural talisman against the negative energy surrounding us.

"In folk medicine, it is known that the so-called "horse chestnut" helps against rheumatoid arthritis, exostosis and sciatica. For stress and uneasy sleep, you can place 5-6 chestnuts under your pillow. They begin their psychotherapeutic action as soon as we place our head on the pillow, " advises Dimkov.

Dimkov is convinced that chestnuts emit an incomparable energy, which has a positive effect on the joints, tendons, muscles and nervous system.

A chestnut next to your head is a universal pill against headache, further state folk medicine supporters.