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Flowers in the Home Protect from Curses


Flowers in the home undoubtedly provide elements of freshness, beauty and coziness. Looking at them, we get closer to nature, even when we find ourselves in a stressful and grey city. But plants in the home aren't just a beautiful escape from reality, they're much more. The well-cared-for blossoms thank their caretakers by providing them with good fortune and protecting them from evil spirits and magic.

Care for your plants with love. Relish in them, talk to them and they'll protect you from curses and energy vampires, say experts of the occult.

They recommend having a houseleek plant in every home. It protects the inhabitants from ill wishers, not allowing curses or any kinds of dangerous rituals to befall them. In the past it was also believed that it warded off thunder during a storm and evil spirits.

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The plant is very easy to care for, while also having innumerable health benefits. For example, the juice secreted by its leaves is used in folk medicine to treat skin irritation, wounds, herpes and others.

If you are for some reason unable to cultivate plants, then try to more frequently place a vase with freshly-picked flowers in the middle of your home. This way you'll stimulate the replenishment of energy in your home and chase away evil forces.


Among the plants you must always have in your vase is peony. It freshens the air, ensures harmony in the family, wards off depression, attracts wealth and love. Put peony in a well-visible spot in your home and you'll soon see for yourself how the atmosphere becomes more tranquil and pleasant.