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Cleansing the Home from Negative Energy

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Cleansing the Home from Negative Energy

You may have noticed that in some homes you feel good and pleasant and in others you feel as if something is pressing on you and as if you are surrounded by some evil energy.

But when it comes to your home, you need to take matters into your own hands. You will easily feel, that there is negative energy in your home, if you have been fighting with your loved ones for no reason lately and you feel bad the moment you cross the threshold of your home.

Check with a church candle if you are correct. Light a church candle and walk with it around the rooms of your home. If in some places in your home the candle starts to crackle, the flame flickers or black smoke comes out, it means that negative energy has entered your home.

The fact that there is negative energy in your home is also evident in another way - your friends suddenly find excuses not to visit your home, preferring to meet outside. If you have a pet, it will also help you detect negative energy. Animals become very nervous, stand in front of the door all day and try to get out every time it is opened.

The fastest and easiest way to cleanse the home from negative energy is to call a priest to perform holy water cleansing ritual on the premises.

But you can also try to deal with the negative energy in your home and drive it away yourself. The first thing you should do is search your entire home for items that may have been brought in by someone else who wants to harm you.

These are most often needles stuck in door frames if they are wooden, or poked under beds and couches. If you find such items, no matter what they are, bury them deep in the ground away from your home.

A piece of wood or a bush can clear your home of negative energy. You need a small piece of one of the following plants: aspen, poplar, lilac. This piece should be in the room where you think there is the most negative energy. After a week, throw this piece into a river or waterfall.

Corn kernels can also be used to absorb negative energy. Scatter them around the premises, and after a day bury them away from your home.

Bad energy

To cleanse the home of negative energy, put a few chestnuts in each room. But they should not be in a visible place, but hidden in some secret corner.

Grow red geranium in your home, it drives away negative energy from the premises. The same also applies to aloe vera, basil, ivy, Swiss cheese plant.

Get yourself a completely clear glass. It must be completely clean - that is, without any figures or drawings, colors.

Put 1/3 cup of sea ​​salt inside.

Then add 2/3 cups of apple or white vinegar, whichever you have available. Both will do you a good job.

Fill the rest of the container with table water.

Position a cup in the corner of the room where you suspect there are bad vibes. Let it remain like this for 24 hours and let no one from the family come inside.

When 1 day has passed, look at the glass with the liquid. If the color of the contents in the cup has not changed, then there is no bad energy in this room. If it has changed, the room has been saturated with negative vibrations, but you have removed them. Discard the contents of the cup under running water. Do not throw it in your garden under any circumstances.

Make a new solution of vinegar, salt and water. Put the dish in another room. So you can go around the whole house. As for each room, make a new solution. If you find that the clear water has changed color, you need to cleanse the energy in your home.

If you pour the contaminated water down the toilet, be sure to flush the water.

Luckily for you there are simple ways to clear your home of bad vibes and fill it with love again.

As soon as you step into a clean and nice room, you feel much more pleasant than in a room where everything is a mess. Quite normal, because all the garbage and stored items are like a magnet for bad emotions. Accordingly, they need serious cleaning.


Every time we take care of the hygiene at home, we also take care of the hygiene of our soul. This way, we protect the home and ourselves from bad energy and black magic. Therefore, it should be our most important mission to clean thoroughly at home and at work.

Regularly wash, sweep and wipe everywhere. Using a vacuum cleaner is also a must. Don't miss a single room - bathrooms, closets, balconies. Everything should shine with purity.

Keep waste in its designated place. Do not leave empty bottles and packaging in all possible places around the house. Be respectful of the space. This is not a dump, but your temple.

Don't throw your dirty laundry everywhere. Set aside a laundry basket in a separate room and stick to it. Remember that worn clothes also absorb emotions and negative vibes. Don't wear the same outfit for a whole week. Wash it regularly or put it on the balcony to air out.

Aerate the home regularly. Keep the spaces clear. Let the sun's rays caress your home, by drawing the curtains and blinds. A sunny, orderly and airy home, where peace and understanding reign, does not attract bad energy.

Here's something curious. Pets are said to protect the home from negative energy. This statement applies with particular force to cats, which are magical creatures. They sense when something wrong is happening in the home and protect their master. So if you haven't gotten a cat yet, here's another reason to do so.

Against negative energy in the home you can use some talismans, including: horseshoe, dreamcatcher, Nazar eye, four-leaf clover, etc.

If you are a Christian believer, you can place 1 icon in each room of your home. It doesn't have to be big or expensive. Remember that its power is determined by your faith, not by how much you paid.

Last but not least, always keep at least 1 bottle of holy water in your home. It is also a means to protect yourself from evil.