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Gingerroot Attracts Money to the Home

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Gingerroot Attracts Money to the Home

If you think that Feng Shui is only for fans of the East, you can try to attract money and happiness in the home with special rituals.

A ritual is a mystical action creating energy that is concentrated around an object. The energy is created by those who carried out the ritual - in case you.

So never start the ritual, if you are too hungry, or you're tired. Do not do it if you are upset, you drank any alcohol, or are in a period of depression and melancholy.

The ritual is done privately, not even with your closes person, however much they believe in magic rituals. Do not take action if your head is full of problems.

Women should not perform rituals during their period. Of all the rituals select one or two, and decide which is within your abilities.

You need a ritual vessel to attract wealth, success and fortune. It can be found from people who know everything about the East. The dish must be full of mystical components – grains, sacred earth, five precious items and five herbs.

Once you get a Bumpa you should direct its energy towards you. To this end, write on a piece of black paper your desire. Wrap it in a roll and tie it with red thread, and then drop it in the Bumpa.

Sit before the dish without crossed hands or feet. Focus on your desire. Imagine it as a golden cloud that surrounds you with warm energy. Then let this cloud silently into the dish and it will be filled with the strength of your desire.

Drop some items that are meaningful to you in the dish, close it and place it in a visible place in your home. Know that the desire in the Bumpa will surely come true.

If you carry ginger root in the right pocket of the trousers or skirt every day, it will attract money to you. Make the following ritual: when the moon is young, grate ginger root and spread it on the floor. Stand against a wall and say the following mantra: "Om Ma Ne Pad me Hum."

Collect the ginger and pour it in a metal plate. Light it and go round the room clockwise. Leave it to burn in the middle of the room.