Talismans from Pits

Nina NordNina Nord

Make yourself a talisman from fruit pits and it will protect you and help you. To create a talisman to protect against cheating and problems in love, use an apricot pit.

Cut it in 2 using a small saw and take out the nut. Put the 2 halves together again, make a hole near their ends and pull a white cord through. Keep the talisman in your home.

You can fashion a talisman for luck from a pear. You will need 60 pear seeds. Wash and dry them, then wrap them in a cotton cloth that is white, blue or pink in color.

If you carry this bundle with you, you will have fortune wherever you go. A peach pit can also serve as a powerful talisman.


Remove the nut from the pit, wash the nut well and dry it. You now have a love talisman that will protect you against unfaithfulness. Keep it in your bedroom.

If you wish to rid yourself of the excess harshness that your loved ones accuse you of, place a golden ring on a hazel stick. The stick needs to have its bark removed. Keep this talisman in the home.

To protect yourself against health problems, make an almond talisman. Almonds are a potent magical medium.

Wrap a red or orange cord around an almond nut (it's best if it is in its shell). Hide this talisman from your own eyes.

To protect yourself against deceivers and liars, carry 2-3 olive pits in your pocket. Olive branch leaves placed in a wooden box will shield your home against evil people.

Lavender that is wrapped in a small cloth bag aids in getting the necessary information and for a quick mental reaction. You need to sleep with this bag under your pillow.