Omens from Wildlife

Jana G.Jana G.

There are many signs associated with wild animals and birds and even insects. There are many signs associated with storks. If the stork flies in circles around the nest, there will be strong winds when it moves its nest out of the house - trouble is coming, if it throws out its eggs - hungry years are ahead, and discarded chicks mean a long famine in on its way.

If summer storks gather and fly in circles - the autumn will be very cold, and if it leaves by Spas day – the winter will be mild. Damaging a stork nest or killing its chicks will incur misery and even death .

If a squirrel jumps in the way of a person man, then unfortunate things will happen in their home, so it's good to turn back. If it crosses your path, expect something bad.

If a few days after a fire around the house suddenly appears a squirrel, then in the next three years you are likely to have another fire.

If you meet a wolf, expect success, if it crosses your path, you are on the road to victor . Each encounter with a wolf bodes well. If you meet a wolf that has prey, its not good - misfortune will come while they grieve for the slain animal. If a wolf howls in front of the house – it is not good.

If sparrows nest, it means luck, if they make noise or dust-bathe themselves, rain I coming. If a sparrow flies into the house, you will receive good news.


If a crow walks in front of your house, expect thieves - bad weather or disaster is coming. If it is on the roof of the house, it portends dead or destruction.

If the crow flies to you, especially on the right, and does not croak, a disaster is expected. If it is hovering over the house – you house will come across misfortune. Whoever kills a crow, expect as many years of misfortune as the crow’s age.

If the ladybug, taken in your hand immediately flies away, it portends good, if it stays- bad news. Many ladybugs together predict success and benefits.