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Cleansing Ritual For Clearing Negative Energy

candles clear negative energy

Negative energy around you can take a serious toll on both your mental and physical health. Insomnia, headaches, nerves, depression, pain, low self-esteem, are just some of the possible symptoms caused by it.

When there are such vibrations at home, at work or in any other place, they can be felt. However, if you do not recognize the bad, its signs are also the presence of insects, cockroaches or others; the frequent breaking or loss of objects; constant illness, including domestic animals being ill; frequent conflicts and arguments between family members; burning light bulbs and other appliances; plumbing problems; having nightmares; banging on doors and windows for no reason; inability to grow plants; death in the house, no matter how far away it was.

If any of these things are happening to you, then you are definitely surrounded by bad energy, which you need to remove from yourself and your home.

Cleanse yourself first. Take a salt bath. Salt is a source of energy and a way of purification. Before taking a bath, take some salt and apply it all over your body. After the bath you will feel much calmer, your soul will be at ease and you will feel comfort in your heart.

Now it's your home's turn. First, get rid of everything unnecessary - old objects, belongings, clothes that you will not wear. Make room for the new and the good, by remove everything unnecessary. Open doors and windows to allow a flow of air to remove negative energy.

Remove any old mirrors or those from previous owners/tenants. Get new ones.

removing old mirrors helps clear negative energy

A quite popular ritual is burning incense. You can pick some up to have on hand at home when you need it. Go through all the rooms and say a prayer for happiness, luck and prosperity.

You can do the same with a candle, which is bought from church. Place it in the middle of a small paper circle and go around the entire house, starting from the front door. Do not miss even the smallest places and focus especially on handles, bells, computers, TVs, mirrors, windows, corners, hangers. Throw away the candles you've used after you're done.

Afterwards, wash your hands first with soap and then with salt. Rub each palm in a clockwise direction, fingers spread, to release the negative energy, which has been collected during cleansing.

It's good to cleanse your home once or twice a year from all the bad things that have accumulated. You can check if there is a result by lighting a new candle 3 days after cleansing. Let it burn halfway. The wax that has accumulated should be light, if it is dark, then there is still something negative and you need to repeat the procedure.

As a preventive measure against negative energy, keep your home clean. Regularly ventilate the rooms, light candles or incense. You can hang bells on the front door. They are believed to ward off evil. You might as well get a kitten. People believe that cats protect the home from bad energy.