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Techniques for Getting Rid of Negative Thoughts

Techniques for Getting Rid of Negative Thoughts

By knowing how to get rid of the negative in yourself, you can overcome the depressive syndrome and prevent the negative impact of bad thoughts from casting a shadow over your entire life. Consider these basic techniques and give them a try.

1. Detailed planning of the next day

It is necessary to think about the near future as carefully as possible. Make a schematic plan. Get it down on paper. Fill in all the blanks so you don't have time to think about non-existent problems. By solving real problems in accordance with the list, you will save yourself from the "load of thoughts", increasing your own importance in everyday life. You may find it difficult to engage in active work mode, and more often than not, you spend time scrolling through what happened and non-existent situations. To force yourself to act, you should choose the least difficult tasks. In the beginning, you need to act slowly and without stress. Gradually move on to more complex questions.

Mark those points that you have already completed. When you visualize your accomplishments, you'll realize that the "useless, do-nothing type" doesn't apply to you.

2. Adequate assessment of events

Write down what happens to you in a day or week. From all events, highlight achievements and results. For convenience, they can be marked with markings. Determine those actions that gave you pleasure.

Evaluate the events that happened to you during a certain period of time. You will realize how beautiful your life is. You don't have to think so hard about how to get rid of negative thoughts. After all, your head will be filled with events that bring pleasure.

3. Situation-thought-emotion

Getting Rid of Negative Thoughts

Any depression is reinforced by the person's belief that everything is very bad. Everything that happens is perceived as negative, sad, unpleasant and meaningless. Naturally, negative awareness gives the corresponding mood. You have to make yourself understand that this is our personal perception of the situation. Then, instead of immersing yourself in a destructive atmosphere, you'll want to get rid of the negative within yourself.

For example, your friend walks past you and doesn't greet you. The reality is that the person is simply engrossed in their own thoughts, in a hurry to get somewhere and does not notice you. But you've already cheated yourself that you haven't been noticed. Surely thoughts that are negative in their various shades have already managed to sneak in and take root in you. Naturally, a negative thought provokes the same emotion. And maybe not just one. In this situation we are overwhelmed with resentment, disappointment, pain.

By tracing the chain of events, it will be easier for you to understand that this is only your view of the situation. Not sure how to get rid of negative emotions? To start off, just look at the situation from the side.

4. Analyzing your own thoughts

Analyze the thoughts that occurred to you during an unpleasant situation. Perhaps this reaction is not, because of the event itself. Perhaps the negativity arose due to factors that are even extraneous to the specific situation. For example, you had a headache in the morning. The remark received, for example, from your boss, has nothing to do with the negative attitude that is born in you. So don't dramatize: you're not the worst employee, it was just a reasonable remark. If it is not justified - it is not your problem and it happens to everyone to make a mistake. If your boss points out your mistakes every day, it can also be a result of either your tiredness (perhaps you need a real rest) or evidence that your boss is generally fond of placing blame on others. And maybe this has nothing to do with you again.

Learn to stop the flow of thoughts in time by asking yourself the direct question: What exactly hurt me? or What specifically bothers me?

5. Substitution of emotions

Techniques for Getting Rid of Negative Thoughts

Once you catch yourself thinking negatively, try to find a suitable alternative to your initial ideas. Negative judgments can always be changed to an optimistic attitude. It is important to master this technique, then you will have no questions of how to get rid of negative thoughts. Turn it into a kind of game: as soon as you feel negative thoughts flooding in, snap your mind to anything that makes you feel better: to ideas about your fluffy cat at home, about hugs with parents or loved ones, summer walk. Experience these emotions.

You will automatically replace negative thoughts with balanced and logical reasoning. For example, your friend hasn't called you in over a week. Your thoughts say: They don't need me. Use a counterattack: think about the fact that they have a lot of work and maybe even need help and just doesn't have time to call you. Take the initiative, don't decide.

6. Three columns

Take a sheet of paper and draw three columns onto it. The first column is used to describe the situation. In the second, record the negative judgments that arose against its background. The third column is used to record your thoughts. This will help you clarify for yourself how you feel and what you can really do to help yourself. Then reframe the situation in a positive way to see what you really need and want.

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