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Removing Evil Forces from your Home

Plamena M.Plamena M.
Cleansing of the home

The most personal and treasured things of a person usually become a source of bad influence. And what could be more personal than their own home? Because of this, even if done prophylactically, methods and rituals of cleansing must be carried out, to ensure peace and calm.

Cleansing of the home must also be done mandatorily when a misfortune occurs. The power and energy of the cleansing protect from hazardous influences, which can sometimes catch up to you.

The first step is the complete and precise cleaning of the home - even the most well-hidden areas. Even the smallest spot on the windows, mirrors, kitchen can taint the domestic energy. This must become a habit that is done every week. Only the items that are truly needed must be left out in the open.


Old and dirty items must be kept locked up - in a drawer or closet. The idea is to prevent unclean energies from leaking out. When cleaning the mirrors, windows, doors and walls, it is also a good idea to use holy water.

After you are finished sanitizing, grab hold of a candle and light it. Walk clockwise around your entire home with it, without forgetting the bathroom. Every corner, bed, windows etc. must be sprinkled 3 times.

Be sure to be staring at the flame throughout the entire time and thinking of how wonderful your home is. Of how peace, love and good luck dominate in it. And how no one with bad intentions could ever enter it. Positive thoughts and intentions neutralize evil forces.


The premises can also be cleansed well with incense sticks. They stimulate the chakras to awaken.

Certain energies flow throughout the home. In order to neutralize the negative ones, you must clean the entrance hall, since they congregate there. In it, place a vase with a wide top. Pour in fine and cleaned sand, stick a candle in it, that you light from time to time.

The goal is to have as much of the top of the sand exposed as possible. It has the ability to contain and neutralize all negative flows. A similar vase can be arranged on the table as well.

For the creation of the right and positive flow of energy in your home, it is best to look to the advice of feng shui.