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Feng Shui for home and office

Feng Shui for home and office

Many people do not believe in the Chinese word for harmony with our environment feng shui. Yes, you can not disbelieve without having tried it.

According to the Chinese, harmony at home is influenced by crystal spheres or crystal apples. They reduce quarrels and disagreements are easy to smooth out.

Feng Shui for home and office

The Turtle is one of the strongest supporters in feng shui. So the Chinese recommend keeping this, or its talismans of precious stones and precious metals. It is believed that it brings longevity and happiness.

Masters of feng shui recommend against evil to use metal bells and a broom behind the door left facing up. (Broom and bells)

If you find that your home is in a building under negative influences, they are hardly going to be defeated. You can not move the toilet, nor the stairs and elevator, nor will you delete negative protruding adjacent buildings or impasses - disturbing circumstances, according to feng shui.

In his book "Feng Shui for every day", Lillian Too recommended feng shui for your home, you can read it for yourself and try to make things more beneficial, by the proper selection of office furniture and hiring experts.

In this field, creativity options are narrower due to the taste of the bosses. There are rules for them. For example, on the mats at entry doors the company logo can not displayed, otherwise it will be at the feet of the people. To help optimize revenues- add a sail, which "floats" inside the room and is loaded with coins, jewelry and other treasures.

The boss's office should be in proper form, filling the corners with plants or furniture, and bare shelves of books are not allowed.

In the halls, the boss sits farthest from the entrance, it's nice to have a thick wall behind him, even better if behind the building is a bank or a mountain.

It is recommended that staff are comfortable to sit on their desks. When they are facing each other, it brings strife.

A figurine of a rooster will cease bickering and intrigue aimed at you, and a dragon-turtle pushes away mistakes and helps your career.

If you dream of higher profits, make yourself a talisman of 3 Chinese coins with a square hole in the center, tie them with red thread and wear them in your wallet.

To stabilize the budget, rely on carp or goldfish.

Lillian Too is the author of 80 books, of which more than 6 million are sold in the world. He is Chinese, born in 1946, graduated in Business Administration from Harvard and is the first in Malaysia to head a major company, then a bank. At 45 years he gave up his careers in the large companies and began writing books on feng shui.

When you apply to study, moved your bed so as to capture the direction of chance and win a scholarship. As a manager, also combine business knowledge with the ancient Eastern art. If after 10 years with a husband, but have no child, then move to a new home and arrange it according to advice from a master of feng shui.



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14.06.2012 20:06
bare shelves of books not allowed? haha what an oxymoron. shelves full of books cannot be bare. you mean bare bookshelves.. or book shelves with nothing on them.