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Mirrors Attract Money to your Home

Nina NordNina Nord

The greater part of omens and magic are related to mirrors - this is equally true for all nationalities. All it takes is for a mirror to break in the house and people's hearts become gripped with the fear that something sinister is about to happen.

According to traditions, if someone dies, cloth is placed to cover all of the mirrors in the house, until the soul of the deceased leaves the house.

Many women see their future husbands for the first time in a mirror, while taking part in general divination. They glimpse the image of a stranger in the mirror and years later they really do meet a man who looks like that.

According to some, this is due to the dual nature of mirrors - half of every mirror is in our dimension and the other half - in an enigmatic and mysterious world.

That is why among Eastern cultures, it is believed that the mirror reflects not only the negative but also the positive energy.

According to Russian scientists, the mirror has the ability to fixate the emotions of a person and then transfer them to the person that looks into it after they.

Broken mirror

Mirrors possess the property of storing and transferring information. Therefore, every time you look in the mirror, wish for good health and luck. If you are overworked or sick, look into a mirror as seldom as possible.

Always keep the mirrors in your home perfectly clean. After a family argument, always wash all of your mirrors, in order to erase all troubles and bitterness from them.

You can attract money to your home using a mirror. You need 3 green candles, 1 bank note and at midnight, during a young moon, place the candles on a table.

Behind each candle, position a mirror, in order to form a triangle of mirrors with a whole bunch of reflections.

Look in the mirror that's across from you and say the following 3 times: "from 1 to 3, from 3 to 9, grow, grow". Then pour some wax on the banknote and stick it to the underside of the table.