Juju MagicJuju Magic
15 Feb.
Believe it or not, magic exists - white, black, magic used to attract love, money or the type wishing for someone's death....
Black MagicBlack Magic
10 Oct.
So the magic of the "black country" turned into "black magic". The question is in the intentions of the magician who set the goals, not the color of the magic....
Hematite Stops the Worst Magic Curses - Blood Magic!Hematite Stops the Worst Magic Curses - Blood Magic!
21 June
Hematite breaks down the worst type of magic curses - blood magic curses - the kind that are passed down from generation to generation....
Magic Properties of RingsMagic Properties of Rings
11 Nov.
Silver - it develops the intuitive, it wraps the aura of the owner in secrecy and magic; Gold - it attracts success and luck....
Mandrake Magic and the OccultMandrake Magic and the Occult
10 May
Mandrake is often mentioned in medieval magic books, because it was an ingredient that was used in magical recipes. The root of the mandrake was used by black magicians for black magic and love spells....
Sinister Magic of the HodjasSinister Magic of the Hodjas
12 June
It is said that Hodjas' magic spells are extremely difficult to counteract or even impossible to get rid of....
What is Grey Magic?What is Grey Magic?
02 May
This holds true for magic as well, and depending on the purpose and intents for which it is used, we're either talking about white magic, black magic or grey magic. White magic is used for good, noble causes....
Magic tips for selecting a dogMagic tips for selecting a dog
03 Dec.
Dogs with reddish hair guard against jinxes and magic. Dogs with dark black hair are recommended for people who are too emotional....
Pearls are loaded with powerful magicPearls are loaded with powerful magic
04 May
In the Middle Ages there was also some magic power of the pearls. There are different reasons men and women wear pearls. If you do not like jewelry they can be carried in a pocket, wallet or phone....
Magic Rituals for Finding Lost PropertyMagic Rituals for Finding Lost Property
15 June
Throughout our daily routine we're constantly utilizing various objects and often misplace them. It's common to have your keys in your hand one moment and in the next have absolutely no idea where they went. Or to think you...
Magic Rituals for Rejuvenation and BeautificationMagic Rituals for Rejuvenation and Beautification
27 Feb.
There's hardly a woman out there who doesn't dream of eternal youth. After all, it is the more vibrant, fresh and beautiful ladies who are more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. Despite the uncountable modern-day...
Removing loneliness caused by a magic curseRemoving loneliness caused by a magic curse
25 Aug.
Usually loneliness caused by magic can not be removed by psychic training. It is easy to understand whether you are suffering from loneliness caused by magic....
Bath with dill for magic of loveBath with dill for magic of love
25 Apr.
If you want to lure a man into your bed for love or for fun then do magic with dill. Although we are accustomed to seeing dill in salads and dishes, dill has a powerful force for unleashing energy....
Numerology: The magic of sacred number 7Numerology: The magic of sacred number 7
14 Sept.
Napoleon also believed in the magic power of the number seven. He built his army based on 7 principles....
Attract your Partner with Chinese Love MagicAttract your Partner with Chinese Love Magic
28 May
This love magic spell has been popular in China from the time of the Yuan dynasty (13th - 14th century). Buy a turquoise necklace (the stone has a powerful love charge)....