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Magic tips for selecting a dog


When selecting a dog for a pet, it is better to comply not only with your tendency to a particular breed, but with the goals you want to achieve. Different types of dogs help with other magical purposes.

Pitch black dogs are carriers of the most powerful energy flows. But if your mind even shows a negative thought, the black dog will increase it many times. So the black dog is only recommended for families where peace reigns. Then the black dog generates good energy. It is believed that the black dog guards the house from lightning.

Black dogs are suitable for people who want to be actively engaged in spiritualistic séances and the occult, as a dog with this color promotes good contact with the afterlife and astral beings.

Chows are appropriate especially for people who are seriously committed to spiritual practices - yoga, meditation or other types. This dog will help to maintain equilibrium in the different forms of energy.

Dogs that have a white spot over each eye are ideal guardians for your home from evil spirits, but also help for accurate predictions.

It is believed that these white spots, which are known as Eye to the otherworld, load the dog with magical energy, allowing it to see in other worlds.

Clean white dogs are recommended for those who often argue at home, because a White Dog transforms negative energy into positive. A White Dog can be taken by anyone, as it will grant them with peace and positive energy .

Dogs with reddish hair guard against jinxes and magic. Dogs with dark black hair are recommended for people who are too emotional. Dogs with dark coats help people balance their emotions and are not susceptible to foreign influences.

Of course, you must comply with your own feelings when choosing a dog – your intuition will suggest the best choice.