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Your Magic Gift According to your Birth Date

Antonia R.Antonia R.

From a numerology standpoint, our date of birth is no accident and besides fate, it can reveal the magical gifts we don't even suspect we possess.

To find out your hidden gift, add up the digits of your date, month and year of birth until you get a single digit number.

For example, if you were born on 12/03/1978, the single digit sum would be 4.

Meaning of the numbers:

1 - You have a strong will and are adept at controlling the people around you. Your hidden talent is to convince and hypnotize others. You can sway the mind of any person and lead groups of people;


2 - You're very sensitive and compassionate. Your gift lies in your hands. You need to use them in order to relieve others' pain but then you need to quickly restore your energy by having contact with nature;

3 - You are an instrument of fate. You were born under a lucky number and success will follow you your entire life. The old rule "Be careful what you wish for" applies to you, since your gift is for your thoughts and desires to quickly become reality;

4 - You are very tempered and rational. It is difficult for anyone to put a curse on you or influence you negatively, for you have a very strong energy shield which protects you;

5 - You possess a highly developed and incredibly strong intuition. It determines your gift, which is to predict the future with exceptional accuracy. Heed your premonitions because a large majority of them are true;

Number 9

6 - You are profoundly emotional. Your emotions are also your most potent weapon. You can pick up on what others are feeling and thus read their thoughts without a problem;

7 - You are a person of the spiritual. Your gift is to dream prophetic dreams. If you correctly interpret them, you can avoid many problems and bring success to your side;

8 - You are extremely cautious. You don't like being lied to and you strive to expose fraudsters. That is why fate has gifted you with the talent of being able to discern lies from truth;

9 - You are a creative persona. You possess artistic skills and can therefore often see things others cannot. Your gift is to communicate with the deceased and even subconsciously receive information from them.