Can Hair be Used for Magic?

Can Hair be Used for Magic?

Human hair has always been a very powerful symbol in the world of magic. Hair can be used for many kinds of magic because it is thought that this part of the human body contains exceptionally important information and if used in a spell, it will always work.

Hair that's been cut off symbolizes the past, so burning it also burns away any influence it has over the individual. It was believed that by cutting off one's hair they also cut away their memories, therefore any recollections of people from the past fade away and any feelings toward them also disappear. The information pertaining to those people remains but the feelings toward them are no more.

Some of the eeriest black magic spells are cast with hair because the belief is that the victim will be afflicted by the magic spell directly as it enters their body.

If you've gone through a terrible breakup, humiliating event or personal life drama, it's imperative that you go to a barber and cut off some of your hair. According to mages, this is the best way to get on with your life. The spiritual teacher Peter Deunov spoke of the mystical significance of hair more than 85 years ago. According to Deunov, the longer a person's hair, the stronger their connection with Space.

Hair is often used for love magic, to make the other person feel a powerful magical attachment. Some people burn hair stolen from the object of their affection and utter incantations. This is believed to ignite burning passions in the other person.


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