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Removing loneliness caused by a magic curse

Removing loneliness caused by a magic curse

It is not necessary to think that loneliness is always caused by your enemies, who have used dark occult techniques.

Often the person themselves cause their own loneliness with their actions and thoughts. There are also cases where loneliness is karmic in nature. There are cases, and they are not uncommon, when loneliness is the result of magic.

You can easily find out what causes your loneliness at the time. Psychologically induced loneliness is caused by low self-esteem that makes you think that you are not worthy of an attractive partner. Often your nearest relatives are guilty for this, as they simply want the best for you, not caring that you can love someone who is not perfect.

Loneliness is caused by magic, through chronic violation of your energy. It is manifested in the objective inability to maintain a long relationship with your chosen partner. Usually, this is due to the magic being done by a loved one, because of jealousy or envy.

This type of loneliness strikes attractive and intelligent people. This causes bitter envy and malice among colleagues and friends. Rather than see themselves as attractive, they focus their energy on negative people. Often such people have access to personal belongings of the victim and even to her photos, since they are pretty close.

Usually loneliness caused by magic can not be removed by psychic training. It is easy to understand whether you are suffering from loneliness caused by magic. This is reflected in several factors in the company of your peers, when no one notices you, you are always in a shadow, partners come and go from your life quickly, and you tend to become attached to them too fast. Often you may be all alone celebrating your birthday, or even in the company of your beloved cat.

To remove the loneliness caused by magic, find a spring in the churchyard, which is far from the big city. It is best if you can find a spring, which boasts magical properties.

Wash your hands and face three times, repeating: "Wash loneliness, wash it with water", if possible, get a little bottle of water from this spring. Drink one sip after waking from sleep, while fasting for seven days.

For one month, do not even listen to gossip and get involved in intrigue, whether at work or among your friends. This is in order for your energy security, which is still weak, not to be pierced. Then twice a week, light a candle in a small church. After a month, you will be completely cleansed of the magic and you're ready for a new love that will surprise you.