Mandrake Magic and the Occult

Jana G.Jana G.

Mandrake is one of the most important occult plants. It is considered half plant -half man, who is able to kill everyone with its cry.

Mandrake is the mysterious plant used for occult rituals. In Greek mythology, mandrake was the favorite plant of the sorceress Circe, who turned the warrior Odysseus into a pig.

Mandrake was used by Hippocrates to treat depression, with its support specialists in occult practices cast out demons from people.

Magick herbs

Mandrake is often mentioned in medieval magic books, because it was an ingredient that was used in magical recipes.

The root of the mandrake was used by black magicians for black magic and love spells. The root of the mandrake was used in occult practices on the same principle as wax figures.

Not only the root of mandrake, but also its dark green fruits are used for strong love spells since the Middle Ages. They are also used to strengthen a person.

According to occult, a man who has mandrake root will quickly achieve great riches and power. Mandrake was known as the Devil's hand.

Mandrake root

Some occult practices contribute to conception using Mandrake, but you must be very careful because it has a strong hallucinogenic effect.

Men can wear root of mandrake as a love amulet that keeps them safe from love spells. In ancient times, the followers of the occult believed that the root of mandrake protects them from enemies and helps in the treatment of serious diseases.

When used in occult practices, the root of the mandrake can punish enemies of the people who use it. The root of the mandrake is psychotropic and can be poisonous. Its use can result in serious brain disorders.

According to the construction of the root of mandrake, followers of the occult divide it into two types - male and female. Mandrake has a strong occult soul, according to occult belief for centuries, it has a human soul, one who has not deserved rebirth.

The root of the mandrake liaises with people who are victims of magic. Due to incorrect work with mandrake, it can bring death to the person who uses it.