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Can curses and magic be done through a photo

Can curses and magic be done through a photo

The photo can be a dangerous weapon in the hands of malicious people. If someone has your photo, if desired, they may send you a bad spell and you will incur a lot of trouble.

This may explain persistent lack of luck, nervousness, and even some diseases. This occurs because the image is an energy footprint.

People who do photo magic, they need the basis for the magic - a photo. To do their magic act, however, the picture must not be older than ten days.

Using an old photo, the magic is difficult to do, and it will work very poorly. For doing magic, a photo in full size is needed.

There are different ways of doing magic on photos. One of them requires support from the dead. This ritual helps through the energy of death. In such cases, one goes to the cemetery. The ritual is performed at night.

There are several options for making magic through a photo, but we will not describe them, not to urge readers to try reckless experiments.

Even if you do not believe that this can be done, be careful to whom you give recent pictures, if they are in full size. You may have concerns if you find at home half a picture of yourself.