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Hematite Stops the Worst Magic Curses - Blood Magic!


Hematite is one of those gifts from the Earth that has its own hidden power and energy. Gemstones from it can help protect a person from a number of dangerous diseases. Known as a sorcerer's stone in the past, hematite is primarily used to strengthen one's connection to the earth and ward from evil energies.

The stone gives one a sense of power but also peace and security. It carries with it courage, patience and vitality. An important quality of it is that long-term wear of it improves memory, creative thought and helps one focus.

Since it was believed that hematite brought with it invulnerability, it was often used to make protective amulets, while the Native Americans would smear their bodies with hematite powder to protect themselves in battle.

In folk medicine, hematite powder was used as a haematopoietic substance in patients who had lost a lot of blood. The stone is believed to improve blood circulation and cleanse the bloodstream of harmful elements and negative energy. Hematite breaks down the worst type of magic curses - blood magic curses - the kind that are passed down from generation to generation.

Hematite finds application in modern medicine as well, it is widely used in medicines that raise hemoglobin. It helps with anemia-like diseases. It improves kidney function and helps restore tissues. The stone also protects against a number of heart diseases, by helping to unclog blood vessels. A no-less effective property is its ability to treat anxiety and insomnia.


Besides a direct effect on the blood, it's long been known that the stone helps to heal cuts by speeding up blood clotting, especially in spinal dislocation and fractures. It was because of this that the stone was highly revered among ancient warriors, who used it to treat their many wounds.

It's also believed that hematite helps against nervous disorders and stress, it treats anger and brings tranquility, plus it treats liver, kidney and pancreatic diseases.