Mind-Boggling Future Predictions That Came TrueMind-Boggling Future Predictions That Came True
12 Jan.
professionalism and analysis of the factors that build the future. The most famous prophecies that came true, even though few believed possible, you can see below. 1. Prophetic Anime In 1999, a particularly popular...
Prophecies from Literature That Came TrueProphecies from Literature That Came True
16 Dec.
described by the writer. The group also landed in the Pacific Ocean. Jules Vern is known for his prophecies. He has made 108 future predictions about the world, of which 98 have come true. In Journey to the Center of the...
World-Famous Ideas That Came from DreamsWorld-Famous Ideas That Came from Dreams
27 Oct.
screen, the movie industry was forever changed. James Cameron got the idea in a dream, while battling a {39 °C} fever. Google While he was in college in 1996, Larry Page, future creator of the giant that would become...
True Stories Proving that Miracles do Happen on ChristmasTrue Stories Proving that Miracles do Happen on Christmas
25 Dec.
Christmas is the most magical time of the year and the motto for the biggest of all holidays is that miracles happen during it. If you think this is just a bunch of nonsense, the following true stories may convince...
Several Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to be TrueSeveral Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to be True
09 June
story, the American destroyer USS Maddox was attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin by 3 Vietnamese torpedo boats, ultimately leading to the Vietnam War. In 2005, the New York Times came out with a publication revealing that...
Did the Predictions Made a Century Ago About the 2000s Come True?Did the Predictions Made a Century Ago About the 2000s Come True?
12 Dec.
More than a century ago, different prophecies all made attempts at guessing what life would be like in the 2nd millennium. Some of these predictions really did come true but others were just too fantastical. One...
Make your Wishes Come True Using Nothing More than a Ring! Here`s HowMake your Wishes Come True Using Nothing More than a Ring! Here`s How
06 Mar.
is that you can make certain desires of yours come true depending on which finger you wear your favorite ring on. Read on to find out which aspects of life are aided by which positions of the ring. It may turn out that...
Blavatsky PredictionsBlavatsky Predictions
05 Jan.
, as well as many of the lands near the continent. The new type of people that will be different from the current physical and mental standards and will be many times more in number than the modern type of people who...
The Zodiac Signs That Always Tell the TruthThe Zodiac Signs That Always Tell the Truth
30 June
that their criticism is always spot-on. Capricorns are objective and when they tell you that you're making a mistake somewhere, that's the cold hard truth and you're best off thinking carefully over their words....
Pavel Globa's predictionsPavel Globa's predictions
30 July
dangers of 2012 are greatly exaggerated. That does not mean that the year would pass easily. He predicts that real problems will begin by the end of 2012 and will continue until 2015 worldwide. According to Pavel...
The Most Inaccurate Technological PredictionsThe Most Inaccurate Technological Predictions
14 Oct.
Union. It says, "Telephones have too many defects to be considered a form of communication. The devices in essence have no value to us." More than a century later, it is abundantly clear to everyone that this prediction was...
True Alien EncountersTrue Alien Encounters
08 Jan.
airport. He swears that he saw fire in the sky, in the sunny afternoon of September. The fire was high and flew over his head, transformed over time into a silver ball. The man says that the ball moved overhead at...
The True Japanese Horoscope!The True Japanese Horoscope!
16 Mar.
measured in their actions that they sometimes drive others out of their minds. Gentle, sound and patient, they always think over the next step. Sometimes they get sluggish and this gets in the way of their professional...
Proven! Life on Earth Came from SpaceProven! Life on Earth Came from Space
25 Sept.
. After in-depth research, they came to the conclusion that life on our planet came from space and did not originate on Earth, as some experts believed so far. Meteorites can bring spores from microorganisms from...
Life on Earth came from spaceLife on Earth came from space
22 Feb.
water on our planet has arrived \"on board\" giant asteroids and comets that came from space. According to the teachings, in the same way that water is delivered to the other planets in Solar System....

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