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These Magical Colors Make Wishes Come True

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Have you heard of color therapy - the concept that we can heal our body and soul through the use of certain colors? Esoterics and ancient healers have said that every color has its own energy, which can affect our life.

For example, the color red has a warming and energizing effect. It's recommended for people who are nonconfident, suffer from cold limbs or low libido.

The color green is for those who have a tense way of life, endure stress and have a hard time finding time for themselves. It acts calmingly and balances.

Yellow, on the other hand, causes a feeling of happiness and is a suitable color for fighting depressive states. But did you know that colors can make wishes come true?

Below, find out which color helps under what circumstances. Find out which colors make wishes come true.

1. Green

Green is recommended when your wishes are related to serenity, spiritual growth, health.

2. Black

If your wish is to realize yourself in your career, this color will help you.

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3. Blue

If you seek tranquility, confidence, boldness and decisiveness, this color will help you better achieve your goals.

4. White

If you desire genuine, romantic and pure love, surround yourself with this color.

5. Red

Red is the color that will attract blazing love to your life.