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Blavatsky Predictions

Jana G.Jana G.
Easter Island

Released in print in 1888, the "Secret Doctrine" of Helena Blavatsky occupies an absolutely unique place in the history of human thought. Rejected by the official science of the nineteenth century, she has outlived her doubters.

The Secret Doctrine describes the existence of human races of giants, whose height was gradually reduced during evolution. The first people were true Cyclops in current measures, they have reached a height of 18 meters.

Easter Island

How else could one explain the origin of such Megalith facilities such as statues of Easter Island, architectural monuments in South America - Tiahuanaco, the legendary Stonehenge and much more.

In Blavatsky's book providential statements about an approaching day that will require reforms in contemporary methods of science by scientists themselves can be found.

Such reform was a denial of the concept of existence where only physical laws govern the world. Progress in science inevitably led researchers to turn to the esoteric doctrine, to clarify the nature of some abnormal phenomena.

Blavatsky countered the traditional notion of emptiness, clearly stating that there is no void in nature. Only in the mid-twentieth century had this paradoxical statement received scientific confirmation: the vacuum's virtual focus of enormous energy.

The Secret Doctrine of Blavatsky describes the emergence of a new kind of people - people from the sixth race. According to Blavatsky, this race will appear after disasters destroy parts of Europe and the whole Aryan race, as well as many of the lands near the continent.

The new type of people that will be different from the current physical and mental standards and will be many times more in number than the modern type of people who will live out their last days in small groups. Blavatsky was convinced that the first representatives of the sixth race will come to America as a product of mixing the genes of many nations.

The Moon

Blavatsky also predicted that the pending passage of the universe through four eras, during which the teachings of Buddha will disappear as we know them. A new golden age for the universe will have it move into new eras.

Helena Blavatsky wrote in her "Secret Doctrine": "The moon is far older than the Earth, and Earth owes its existence to her, despite all contradictory explanations of this fact by astronomers and geologists".

This statement was proven scientifically only in the twentieth century with the discovery of the method of radiocarbon age determination of minerals and after the delivery of lunar samples by U.S. astronauts.

Blavatsky knew the equivalence of energy and mass, which was later shown by Einstein's famous formula E = mc2. She knew the factor and expression of the speed of light. She predicted the photon that Einstein discovered, explaining the phenomenon of the photoelectric effect.