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Failed predictions for the end of the world

Failed predictions for the end of the world

The May 21 date was not accidental. On this day the world had to be destroyed. The prediction of the end of the world was by a preacher of the United States, Harold Kemping.

Fortunately, it turned out another failed "prophecy."

"National Geographic" published a list from the most famous failed omens for the end of the world.

Failed predictions for the end of the world

1. May 21, 2011 - Judgement Day

89-year-old retired engineer Kemping, spread prediction on the radio and his followers took to the streets to spread the news.

2. The tragedy of Pompeii - a precursor to the end of the world

Mayan calendar sets the date 21.12.2012 the end of the world. Ancient Romans believed that the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 years of the new era, that buried city of Pompeii, is a sign of the coming of the end of the world. This is due to the prophecy of the deceased during the 69 years of BC philosopher Seneca.

3. 1666: Justice by fire

666 Bible defines as an omnipotent figure of the beast. That is why in 1666, many Christians expected Satan to slay the world. In fact, the long plague that ravaged London in 1665 did not contribute to the dissipation error, but when the largest urban fire happened, many people believed that Doomsday is coming.

4. Comet Apocalypse

Throughout history, passage of Halley's comet, which comes once every 76 years, was considered a harbinger of doomsday. Some believed that the tail of the comet will saturate the atmosphere with a gas which will cause suffocation of almost all life on the planet.

5. Jehovah's Witnesses and their dilemma of Judgement.

Since it was founded around 1870 during, Christian "Jehovah's Witnesses' claims: Doomsday comes in 1914! Well, that did not happen. Now their proponents insist that the end of the world is very soon, says the book "Apocalypse delayed: The story of" Jehovah's Witnesses. "

6. Planetary arrangements

Moon and Venus come together over the Inle Lighthouse in Florida on December 27, 2009. Similarly, special arrangements of the planets always give rise to concerns around the world. So it was on 5 May 2000, when they are standing in line Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, Sun and Moon.

In 1977 "physical archaeologist" Jeffrey Goodman predicted that the phenomenon will create such tension that the land I will be covered by earthquakes and split to release tension. Bluff!

7. Ecstasy Robertson

Decades before Kemping started scaring people about the now gone 21 May, the television evangelist Pat Robertson predicted that sometime in the 80s of last century, Jesus will return to Earth.

He "sees" this text in the Bible. Non- believers, and followers of Satan will be closed in the "lake of fire" where they will be tortured forever. Fire will burn the earth, which will be replaced with new earth and heaven where believers will live.

8. Comet Hale-Bopp

Comet Hale-Bopp was discovered in 1995 and caused major dramas when shot near the ground in 1997. 39 people from the "Paradise Gate" committed suicide in California. They believed that UFOs, managing the appearance of the comet, will come to collect them from the doomed Earth, which is ruled by Lucifer.

9. Whiteout

In 1997 in his book "The last disaster" Richard Nuun prophesied that on 5 May 2000 the planets will be aligned and will destroy the world by firing of melting ice at the equator.

10. "Problem 2000" End of the World

In 1984 the press released the first warning that with the coming of the new year will on 01.01.2000, comes the end of the world. A bug caused by an error in the calculation date, will neutralize all computers and related equipment, causing mass chaos. Man was recommended to buy an amulet against the "Problem 2000" (Y2K computer virus).

11. Created by people black hole

Once the Large Hadron Collider was started, in 2009, many critics speculated that it will create a black hole that will devour the world. Physicists explained that there is very, very minimal chance to get something going wrong.