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Petar Deunov - History, Predictions and Facts

Petar Deunov - History, Predictions and Facts

Peter Deunov is the most famous Bulgarian philosopher, creator of a number of teachings and his most famous one is called Dunovism. He was born on 11.07.1864 and throughout his conscious journey he sought to preach his views on life. There are hundreds of followers who define him as their guide who revealed to them the way to faith, God and goodness. He also appears as a prophet who has made many predictions, some of which have already come true, others may be on their way.

As a child Peter Deunov faced a number of problems. He is weak, sickly, until 6 years old - mute. His favorite pastime is simply being alone, concentrating on his own thoughts. He completed his education in Varna, then studied in Svishtov. He left for the USA, where he studied theology and medicine. From there, his interest in the Higher Powers intensified and when he returned to Bulgaria, he focused on his spiritual development. He formed his ideas, which he taught at talks around the country. His practice became the measurement of people's skulls, through which he deciphered their personality.

In 1912 he founded the White Brotherhood with three of his followers and in 1913 he was excommunicated from the Orthodox Church. Deunov is believed to have created a sect, which, however, is followed by many. They choose the teacher as their leader and preacher, giving up their religion.

After a few more years, Deunov's teaching goes beyond the borders of his homeland. His disciples went to Europe, where they spread his philosophy.

Peter Deunov died in 1944 at the age of 80 in Bulgaria, leaving behind a huge philosophical wealth and ideas that people still follow today. His views touch on many topics and areas of life and everyone could find something useful for themselves in them.

Here is what the name of the philosopher is mentioned for to this day:

Petar Deunov

- Petar Deunov denies St. Trinity. He says that God the Father is a doctrine of God's wisdom, God the Son is a doctrine of God's love and God St. Spirit - a study of human development. That is, God is a teacher;

- He does not believe in patriotism either, he denies it, he thinks it is something to which people should not feel a duty;

- Deunov also calls for sexual freedom, denying faithfulness and loyalty to the partner, which negatively affects many families and their marriages;

- Deunov believes in karma. Some also call it fate, which brings with it events and consequences of past lives. According to him, we are responsible for everything that happens to us, because it is our own karma, existing on the basis of our own thoughts and actions. Deunov believes that bad karma can be changed with sincere repentance and that life is a series of good and bad. He advises to accept it as it is, to experience everything with reason and will, because at the end of the tunnel there is always a ray of light;

- Dunovism affirms reincarnation. According to Deunov, it helps the soul to grow, gain experience and cope with life's challenges. He defines death as a limitation placed upon the body, for the soul is immortal;

- Deunov says that achieving eternal freedom is possible - through truth, repentance and reason. He believes that after the soul leaves the body, it inhabits another, invisible one – self-consciousness. After its death, the soul of a person continues to live in the body of another, continuing from where it had reached in life;

- Petar Deunov believes in the healing power of water. He gives advice by which we can maintain our good health and escape from diseases by drinking water. According to him, colds and fevers are treated with three glasses of hot water without food. It also helps the vitality and energy of the body. For problems with the nervous system and severe irritability, the teacher advises taking a cold shower. This way, water will free the body from negative emotions. For people who have anger issues, Deunov recommended a total of 6 cold showers throughout the year.

Healing Power of Water According to Deunov

A runny nose can be stopped with a little warm water in the nose mixed with salt.

People who do not have quality sleep can ensure it by warming their body with a towel dipped in warm water before going to bed.

- Petar Deunov has a special attitude towards food and a healthy lifestyle. He says that a person is what they eat and accordingly a person should be careful about what and how they consume food. The teacher brings his rules and views into this aspect as well. He also said that one should never overeat. We should enjoy every bite of food. An interesting fact that he points out is that while we eat, we can also drink water, but not immediately after eating. The menu should be varied, healthy and sufficient. He even defines a diet according to the days of the week – each of them is dedicated to a certain planet and is characterized by certain products:

Monday - Moon - green leafy vegetables;

Tuesday - Mars - red and spicy foods;

Wednesday - Mercury - yellow products (mostly fruit);

Thursday - Jupiter - blue foods, as well as potatoes, yogurt, pumpkin, okra;

Friday - Venus - day of summer fruit;

According to Petar Deunov, Summer Fruit are Eaten on Fridays

Saturday - Saturn - nuts, cocoa, legumes;

Sunday - Sun - apricots, tangerines, grapes, rice.

Peter Deunov makes a number of predictions, showing his prophetic skills. He predicts the unification of Europe, wars, their developments, natural disasters. And if many of them have already come true, there are also those that have not. Some of them make us shiver in anticipation, fear, excitement. Deunov says that another last war is expected - the Third World War, in which about 50 million people will die and if even then the people do not wise up, another one will come that will take many times more victims.

There could be a Race War that would last for 20 years and worst of all - that would be caused by human stupidity. Fortunately, Deunov says that Bulgaria will remain whole and united, that it will be marked by development, that it will evolve, but it will be part of it.

Here are some of the brightest thoughts of Master Deunov that can help us face tomorrow and every day after:

- We ourselves build our lives according to the thoughts and desires we have, deeply hidden in our soul;

- A home in which there is arguments never succeeds;

- Pray that God will help you in your endeavors and not that he will carry them out for you;

- Don't talk about things before you've done them, otherwise you'll be tripped up;

- The obstacles you have are the stones from which you will form the steps to rise;

- When you are afraid of something, do it and the fear will disappear;

- It is determined for each person, who will love them. And every person must find the one who loves them;

Advice from Petar Deunov

- You can't think about someone, if they don't think about you;

- He who expects his happiness to come from outside is soon disappointed. This happiness is within you, don't expect it from outside;

- What a person thinks, that happens. Right and positive thought is the way to achieve all good things in life.

Life advice from Petar Deunov

Peter Deunov gives life advice that will always be relevant:

Wake up in the morning cheerful, give thanks for every day you have received as a gift;

Always look for the good in people. Even in the worst man there is a grain of love;

Happiness is an inner feeling;

Stop complaining - it will only waste your time;

Always be good and the good will be with you;

Never speak ill of a person, if you have something good to say; Good is always preferable;

Don't hang around people with negative thoughts who talk bad and always complain. Surround yourself with those who exude kindness and positivity.

Thoughts about love by Petar Deunov

In the name of love, people are ready to sacrifice themselves as they would never dare without love. Love is the eternal driving force of two souls;

Love is never jealous, love gives you peace and light;

Divine love works wonders. Wherever it goes, it creates and recreates. This love must be studied;

People of love have joy, peace and harmony and are accepted wherever they go. Everyone is transformed when they feel loved;

Someone wants to show their love to someone but is afraid of being hurt by lies. How can love be afraid of lies? The sun shines, spreading its light to all beings, although some of them are likely to commit crimes.