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Life on Earth came from space


French scientist Francis Albared from University Claude Bernard in Lyon, implies that water has penetrated to our planet from space.

Covered with ice, asteroids and comets have reached the surface of the Earth from hundreds of millions of years ago. According to the theory of Albared, water which is the basis of life has extraterrestrial origin and we, the people really possibly do come from aliens.


Around 4.5 billion years ago the Earth was flooded with enough water to create the oceans, which in turn is a precondition for the creation of life on Earth.

The theory of Dr. Albared was published in the October issue of the journal "Nature". Scientist's claim may be interpreted as follows: Where there is life, there must be water. Moon and Mercury are waterless, and therefore they are dead planets.

Formal scientist's believes that water on Earth is formed by vapor. However, the rocks on the planet had a minor amount of water in them and it was such a small amount that it is very difficult to imagine how it could had formed the oceans.

Therefore Albared believes that water on our planet has arrived "on board" giant asteroids and comets that came from space. According to the teachings, in the same way that water is delivered to the other planets in Solar System.



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angelyn n.
angelyn n.
14.09.2014 06:35
4 me is not true....
brain raker
brain raker
09.04.2012 12:18
yes i agree with any theory it is like playing lotto some numbers will win more theories more possibilities that somebody will guess it but my problem is how did it originate from outer space very begining of it genesis that is my long life question as i dont believe god exist,despite of my out of body experience, but even if he does where did he come from or is it old authotarian or totalitarian way dont you dare to question almighty or you will burn in hell in our narrow way of thinking everything should have begining and end and have somebody in charge untill we change our way of thinking only then we may get some positive answers to our never ending curiosity.even my fanaticaly religious friend told me that god is not something like our image or any other been he said god is energy i fully agreed with him but how did this energy start and what is perpetuating it.i guess whole universe is like our automatic computer driven car or any other man made gadget.maybe wilhelm friedrich nietzcshe is right everything is created out of chaos,all you hear is sound of grave diggers burying his way of thinking but still no answers.