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Stress and Horror Movies Cause Nightmares

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Nightmares happen to all of us. They can be brought on by many things, such as stressful events or a hectic day at work. Watching a horror movie can have similar results. Often, bad dreams are accompanied by a high temperature.

There is still no clear-cut, singular explanation for what induces the images we see while we sleep. Some believe that dreams are the memories of a past life, others say they show us the future, and yet still others - that they are parallel worlds.

But scientists cannot accept any theory as the truth too hastily. A more probably explanation for dreams, according to them, is that they are a period of time that the brain needs to restart itself. The brain disposes of needless information during sleep, making way for new information.

If, while we sleep, we review and to some extent get rid of needless information, it's best to avoid the causes that can bring about this sort of stress during the night. First on the list are excitement and stress itself.


Accumulated stress is often the result of a severe traumatic event in our life, resulting in many of the nightmares we experience. Among the other main consciousness irritants are work, financial worries, drastic changes in the way of life - divorce or breakup, moving to a new residence, city and so on.

Watching horror movies also creates a lot of stress and tension. The majority of people project scenes from them in their own dreams, which makes them relive them. The obvious advice is, if you notice this sort of thing and don't feel comfortable after having these types of nightmares, to avoid this genre of film.

Other causes of nightmares are very spicy and fatty food, alcohol, medications and diseases. The body reacts with nightmares to the increased metabolism and higher body temperature since these prevent it from resting properly.



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