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True Alien Encounters


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Spooky city

Aliens are beings of another world, say those who believe that they do exist. They are in the news everywhere. Many people insist that they have seen them, while others doubt their existence. The topic is really controversial, but there's news about real encounters with aliens. Do you believe them?

True encounters with aliens

Once a man, let's call him Tony, waited in the parking lot in front of Clifford's Dining Hall to get picked up. While waiting, he sat leaning on his damaged car and watched the stars. Somewhere around Big Bear, he saw three objects moving west across the sky. Within a few seconds, they disappeared. Tony and his brother, who was with him, says that the object must have been aliens, because they sure were not any known aircraft or machinery.

Aliens have been seen in St. Martin in September 1998, according to a person waiting at the airport. He swears that he saw fire in the sky, in the sunny afternoon of September. The fire was high and flew over his head, transformed over time into a silver ball. The man says that the ball moved overhead at inexplicable speed, resembling that of a jet, and disappeared after a few seconds. The sight left him in amazement, and he now wonders whether this was a spaceship of aliens.

Besides the stories of different people from different parts of the world, unidentified objects have been caught many times by radar. UFOs have appeared in the daytime sky and the dark nights, when they are described as oval, disc or cigar-shaped objects. Those who have seen them at night, are challenged, because most believe that people can confuse them with stars, meteors or aircraft lights.

Some time ago, in New Mexico, a strange thing happened. Many people in and around Roswell, claim to have seen the impact of an UFO, and swear that they had a look at the aliens inside. The supposed crash is viewed by many people and therefore can not be considered a forgery.

True Alien Encounters

In October 2002 a group of people went to rest in Chile, they found a little creature resembling a man. It was only 0.72 meters tall, and had a relatively long head, two hands with long fingers and two feet. The discovery was announced by Mega News, a local news channel.

Another view of the alien in Chile is seen by Eduardo Vega and his brother. In one of his interviews he says he saw the hominid creature, about 80 cm high, glowing red. It looks like a child wearing a racing suit. The creature stood insensitive when from his head, sparks started to spew out. Eduardo and his brother were scared when they realized that this must be an alien.

A known case is that of kidnapped by aliens Jesse Long. He explained that in his early childhood, he was kidnapped, after aliens hypnotized him. Another video of an alien abduction shows how workers in the company disappear, followed by a bright light, and after some time returned, in the fetal position. The company's security camera filmed the incident. Recent updates show how animals are kidnapped by flying saucers. Truth behind the abduction by a UFO, is still a mystery.

The aliens are always on the news, and apparently will keep the media noise, until they come to Earth with an official public statement.