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Top ten failed predictions of the world ending

Top ten failed predictions of the world ending

Do you know the top ten failed predictions of the world ending? Lets explore them know, you will notice that five have been taken from religious based predictions and five others on scientific predictions;

10. Montanus a heretic in Christianity predicted the world was to end. He also believed he was that of the holy spirit embodied in his frame and began to preach a third testament. With his beliefs spreading rapidly throughout it soon bought much confusion and dissent upon the early Christian church. Having been a Christian writer it was known that Tertullian rejected Christianity in turn for Montanism, from there Montanus found himself condemned at the council of Ephesus during the time period of 431 A.D.

Fact: Before the final judgment Montanus believed that all Christianity would settle in Turkey in a place he called the New Jerusalem.

9. One of the members of the Methodist church made a prediction in 1794, Charles Wesley concurred the view of Shakers who agreed with his prediction making an independent prediction of the world ending at the end of the same year as Wesley first predicted. John brother to Charles Wesley predicted the end of the world for the year 1836, he described the ending as there would be a great beast marking the end.

Fact: Even though Charles was a founder of the Methodist church he still begged to be buried in an Anglican grave yard.

8. 1914 was the first the Jehovah's made a prediction on the world ending. Basing the predictions around the prophecies taken from the book of Daniel. When the prediction proved to be untrue they changed the prediction stating it was actually the start to hen Jesus invisibly started to rule. 1914, 1915, 1918, 1920, 1941, 1975 and 1994 was their predictions of the world ending.

Top ten failed predictions of the world ending

7. A baptist minister, William Miller between the years of 1831 and 1841 made a prediction of the return of Jesus and the ending of the world again based on prophecies from the book of Daniel. The Millerites maintained their faith as the came and passed them leaving the world still living. The ending of the world was then changed to April 18th, only to be tested I faith again as the day ended leaving morning in sight. Miller continued through to death to wait for the world ending until 1849.

Fact: This religious movement believed the prediction was in fact correct but that of in heaven not on Earth. The movement became the seventh day Adventist Church.

6. Born in 1750 Joanna Southcott was a self proclaimed English mystic. She convinced herself she was in fact a women of super natural powers turning her back on the Methodist church. She named herself the women of the Apocalypse (king James version, revelation 12:1-6). She self predicted giving birth to the Messiah, causing the world to end. The date she predicted this was 19th of October 1814. And again the world did not end. Two months later however Joanna died. Followers of Joanna hoped her dead body in the hope she would rise from the dead. Only when she began to decay did they hand her body over to the authorities.

Fact: Joanna left a sealed box only to be opened when 24 Anglican Bishops become together. In the box there is said to be a number of prophesies. Will its contents ever be revealed?

5. Science was responsible for the next fear fired people. May 18th, 1910 was when a Comet giving of poisonous gases was supposed to appear and end the world. We have seen Haley's Comet many times but fortunately without the deaths it was predicted to provoke!

Top ten failed predictions of the world ending

4. December 17th 1919, the world was going to end, six planets would cause some magnetic current causing the sun to be pierced spurring great explosions of gases that would engulf the Earth, this prediction came from respected meteorologist Albert Porta who because of this failed prediction lost his job as it caused suicides and mobs of violence.

3. John Gribben and Stephen Plagemann wrote a book in 1974 named the JUPITER EFFECT. It explained about the planets aligning causing earthquakes and increases in sun spots. This was to be on March the 10th 1982. The ending of the world he later admitted to be theoretical.

Fact: The effect caused a tide higher than normal calculating at 0.04 mm higher.

2. End of the world theories came from an Amateur astronomer, Chuck Shramek, it all started when he observed an object following the comet Hale – Bopp. Heavens Gate cult saw these theories of the world endings a sign to commit suicide during the month of march, and year 1997. It was believed the object was a spaceship coming to take them to be researched leaving the bodies known to them as vessels behind.

1. Nostradamus, the most popular of prophecies predicted. He predicted that 1999 was the year of Armageddon. His prediction of the great king of terror didn't tell true the doomsayers started rumors of a space probe crashing to the Earth causing the end of the world. Also the years leading up to 2000 when the doomsayers predicted catastrophe for man because of the Y2K bug.

Fact: Nostradamus was by profession a pharmacist.