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The True Japanese Horoscope!

Plamena M.Plamena M.
Japanese Zodiac

There are 11 signs in the Japanese horoscope. All of them are strongly linked to the history and traditions of the Japanese culture. Find out your zodiac sign according to the Japanese horoscope.

Moon - December 27 - January 18. Those born during this period are reclusive and avoid large gatherings of people. They are harmonious and calm. They are not conflicting and are adept at hearing the other person out. Sometimes they allow others to take advantage of them. They are ready to give up their personal development in the name of love, which they later recount as an irreparable mistake.

Holy Turtle - January 19 - February 14. They are so measured in their actions that they sometimes drive others out of their minds. Gentle, sound and patient, they always think over the next step. Sometimes they get sluggish and this gets in the way of their professional development. Under the guise of an ice queen, however, there lies a fighting, freedom-loving and passionate person. They always stand by their words.

Cherry Blossom - February 15 - March 20. They are always smiling, spontaneous, enthusiastic and frank. These are the biggest optimists you'll ever see. Passionate adventurers, sometimes they make decisions without thinking.

Sun - March 21 - April 29. Exceptionally bubbly, social and easily adaptable. The down side is that this sociability easily turns into an annoyance. These are the idealists among the zodiac signs. 2 words describe them - wisdom and beauty. They have good intuition and always seek justice.

Bamboo - April 30 - June 4. Flexible and open, they are the biggest adventurers of the Japanese zodiac. They can adapt to any setting and group of people. Team players, their 6th sense never deceives them. They were born to love animals. Usually they take care of several pets.

Rice Field Ox - June 5 - July 6. They have a tendency to be workaholics. Additionally, they are true defenders of the family hearth. Their loved ones always come first and are their best friends as well. The Ox from the Rice Fields is a role model parent, who spends a painstaking amount of time raising his kids.

Lotus Flower - July 7 - August 1. Gentle, sentimental and romantic, they are always in a unique harmony with nature. They often become engrossed with Eastern teachings. They love to seclude themselves and relax. They are measured in their words and actions. The 3 things they love most are life, love and children.


Japanese Bridge - August 2 - September 27. These are the types of people who always find balance. They are the perfect negotiators. Besides between people, they maintain the perfect balance between family and work obligations. They are born to help others. Everything strange and exotic attracts them. They always pursue their goals but rarely take a position on something. This is both good and quite bad in some situations.

Garden Stone - September 28 - October 10. Exceptionally creative personalities, charming, curious and kind. They are easy to spot - by their colorful clothes, crazy haircut or wide smile. They impose their opinion on others without a single worry but sometimes appear quite inconsistent. They chase after perfection and only at the end of their lives realize that it is unattainable.

Emperor - October 11 - November 18. Gifted with exceptional leadership skills, they see life as an exciting adventure. Even though they run into many challenges they never stop believing in their success. They easily get ahead in their career but sometimes resort to aggression.

Empress - November 19 - December 26. Extraordinarily authoritative, they are used to giving orders. They know what they want and pursue their goals to the end. Sometimes they might appear untactful to others. They are always true to themselves, as well as honest and open.