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Pavel Globa's predictions

Pavel Globa's predictions

Famous Russian astrologer and prophet Pavel Globa is famous for predicting the collapse of the Soviet Union, end of the era of Fidel Castro, Putin coming to power and many other events.

According to Pavel Globa, the dangers of 2012 are greatly exaggerated. That does not mean that the year would pass easily.

He predicts that real problems will begin by the end of 2012 and will continue until 2015 worldwide. According to Pavel Globa, Earth will be negatively affected by Saturn entering the sign of Scorpio. Saturn is known as the planet of miseries and hardships. The cycle of Saturn is 29.4 years.

According to Golba, in 2012, many world leaders will change their positions. According to cosmic cycles, change will occur after the sixth of October. On the fifth of October, when Saturn enters Scorpio, in the cosmic sky will be formed a so-called Great Cross.

Saturn is not included in this cross, only Mars and the so-called dark Moon, which indicates the beginning of all things dark. This may indicate unrest and increased crime.

In 2013 and 2014, riots will be many and this will lead the world to a brink. In 2013, the economic crisis is likely to intensify.

On December 21, 2020 the stellar firmament will join Jupiter and Saturn, and this will bring new times around the world, which will give it life in a positive direction. This period of prosperity will last twenty years.

According to Pavel Globa, no apocalypse will be taking place in December 2012. Then the sun will enter Capricorn and Jupiter will go into Gemini. This will grant complete freedom to people with great power, but the dark moon will unfortunately affect them. The good thing is that this time the white moon will reduce the impact of the dark moon.

According to Pavel Globa, 2012 will have a record number of earthquakes , tsunamis and other natural disasters.