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Proven! Life on Earth Came from Space

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Starry sky

A group of Russian and Italian scientists have managed to find categorical evidence to support the claim that life on Earth was bought from an asteroid from outer space.

The unique proof was obtained after a series of experiments in the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Moscow Oblast.

The experts observed the entire process of the formation of life in the universe.

To do this, they subjected meteorite and formamide samples (which are some of the most widespread substances in space) to ionizing radiation.

The scientists have managed to determine the full range of components needed in order to create one living cell.

Asteroid collision

After in-depth research, they came to the conclusion that life on our planet came from space and did not originate on Earth, as some experts believed so far.

Meteorites can bring spores from microorganisms from space, which are capable of surviving after passing through the dense layers of the atmosphere.

The research done in Dubna proved that cosmic radiation was actually an important catalyst when the first primitive life forms appeared.

Along with this however, biological evolution subsequently brought about the need for the living cells to be protected from this very same cosmic radiation.

Scientists believe that this protection was provided by the asteroids wandering about in our Solar System. Under the surface of larger asteroids, they have found unicellular organisms that have developed in their cores thanks to the suitable temperature.

According to the Russian and Italian scientists, these very same unicellular organisms developed life on Earth. Besides organisms, the asteroids brought water to our planet, gradually increasing the amount.

The scientists postulate that with their collision with Earth's surface in the early stages of its development, meteorites and comets provided components that were vital for the living material.